About GoodCrypto

GoodCrypto is proudly developed in Ukraine. We have been around for over 4 years - the first public version of the app was launched in June 2019.

Since then GoodCrypto has become one of the most advanced all-in-one trading and portfolio management apps on the market. The full set of our trading and market analysis tools is available on all 36 supported exchanges on Web, Android, and iOS.

We are strong believers in blockchain and crypto technology and, as the truly all-in-one app, we strive to support all existing and future crypto use cases: from CEXes and CeFi to DEXes, DeFi, NFTs, and whatever might come next.

About GoodCrypto

GoodCrypto Team

Максим Громадцов
Максим Громадцов

Засновник та CEO

GoodCrypto Team

Our team combines deep knowledge of trading technology with extensive operational expertise and relentless focus on user experience.

Our engineers have been developing high-frequency trading and market making systems in traditional financial markets for over 10 years and have an average programming experience of over 15 years.

Our goal is not only to allow our users to track and manage their entire crypto portfolio with a comprehensive suite of tracking, trading and analysis tools but to also make even the most advanced of those tools intuitive and easy to use.

Supported by Top-tier Investors

GoodCrypto Roadmap


Early iOS, Android, and Web apps launched

15 exchanges supported

BTC and ETH wallets tracking


25 exchanges supported

Derivatives trading support

Trailing Stops, TP+SL combos


100K app downloads

Trading View charts with orders visualization

Infinity Trailing trading algorithm


300K app downloads

35 exchanges and 12 blockchains supported

Grid trading algorithm


DCA trading algorithm | Q1

Pro Web terminal | Q2

Trigger/cancel orders and algos with webhooks | Q2

Alerts on Technical Indicators | Q3

Orders and Algos triggered by Technical Indicators | Q4


Support for all leading DEXes

DEX conditional orders, trading algorithms & smart order routing

No-code custom trading strategy builder for CEXes and DEXes


Чудовий додаток. Ще й на українській мові!

Володимир Дудковський


Дуже приємний додаток. Багато корисних функцій.



Крута програма!!! Зручна та інформативна!!!

Віктор Капак


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