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GoodCrypto Privacy Policy

Your privacy is of paramount importance to us and we use all reasonable means to ensure that the amount of information we collect about our users is kept to an absolute minimum.

The sole purpose of the collection of such information is to improve the service we provide to our users. This purpose only requires aggregated information on how users interact with our application and does not require any personal identification.

We do not collect any personal information beyond the data that you explicitly provide to us.

We do not sell or otherwise share your personal information to any third party beyond the service providers that are used within the application, such as usage analytics provider and authentication provider.

All the data we collect is encrypted and stored in depersonalized databases. We do not intend to identify users, thus your data is never used for this purpose. Any collected data that may potentially be used by us or other parties to identify you is automatically encrypted and anonymized at the point of collection.

You can completely erase all your personal information from our systems at any time.

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