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To connect your exchange account to Good Crypto you need to:

- Go to the exchange website, supported by Good Crypto (see the full list here)

- Log in or Create an account 

- Look for some sort of Profile settings, Connections, or Privacy & Security tabs of your account on exchange (options vary depending on the exchange of your choice)

- Find the API connections option there

- Click “Create new API key”

- Enable “View” and “Trade” options in API key settings. REMEMBER - Good Crypto doesn’t require the “Funds Deposit & Withdraw” option to import and sync your account.

- After the API key is created, write down the API key and secret on a piece of paper or make a screenshot of the QR code if there is one

 - Log in into Good Crypto and go to Settings -> Exchanges

- Choose the corresponding exchange and enter the API key or scan the QR code.

- You are all set! We will now import your account balances and orders history. After we finish syncing your account - you can start trading via the Good Crypto app interface. 

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