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We strive to be the most secure crypto trading application on the market. Our app is designed to not have any access to your funds - you never transfer anything to us, we do not require your wallets private keys, and strongly recommend that users disable withdrawal rights for the API keys they add to our platform. 

In addition, we've designed our app and server infrastructure around cybersecurity and employ best practices to ensure user protection:

- Immediate on-device asymmetric encryption of all APIs keys and user data; 

- Encryption of all internal connections and separately encrypted and firewalled backend services; 

- Ongoing self-hosted bug bounty to ensure the maximum level of protection.

You can read more about the security of the Good Crypto app on our Security page.

All user data collected by Good Crypto is encrypted immediately, transferred to our servers via secure connection and stored in a separately encrypted and firewalled environment to secure your trading experience and eliminate the threat of man-in-the-middle attack.

Becoming an ideal and flawless application isn’t a goal, but a path. We’re working days and nights to detect the potential threats which can affect your experience with our application, though there is always a theoretical possibility that we miss something.

Don’t hesitate to report your findings via the dedicated form on our cybersecurity page. Good Crypto app has a self-hosted bug bounty program. If your bug is confirmed and could have a real impact on the users of the app, your submission will be rewarded accordingly.

First of all - don’t panic. Then check your internet connection. Then check the status of the API keys and wallets you’ve connected to the app. Most probably, the problem lies there. Then check the list of the recent orders and transactions. If you still did not find the problem - contact our support and we’ll help you.

REMEMBER - Good Crypto doesn’t store your funds and doesn’t require withdrawal rights for your API key to manage your orders and positions.

Good Crypto doesn’t hold any user private keys. Good Crypto also doesn’t require users to deposit or transfer any funds. Our exchange-related functionality relies on API connections to exchanges and does not require enabling withdrawal rights for your API keys. Our wallet tracking only requires the public addresses of your blockchain wallets to track their balances and transactions.

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