WhiteBIT Trailing Stop Order

The meticulous search for market entry and exit points from a position is no longer asignificant problem for traders. By placing a Trailing Stop Order on WhiteBIT, you can use any trending movement in your favor. Buy or sell an asset you want in the most profitable way. Try the WhiteBIT Trailing Orders to increase your PnL, and grab any opportunity to make substantial profits.

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How to Set a Trailing Stop For WhiteBIT In GoodCrypto?

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Trail Market Price

Trailing Stop follows the market automatically

WhiteBIT Trailing Stop Order Strategies

Trailing order strategies are a great way to enter and exit the market at the best time and most profitable price values. Trailing orders will follow an asset price based on the parameters you set, making it easy for you to ride a solid trend movement and exist a position at the best possible moment. At the same time, the Trailing Stop feature works with a strict risk management, providing traders with stability in achieving a positive medium-term result under any market conditions. Try one of the Trailing Stop strategies by GoodCrypto and you’ll see your crypto capital skyrocketing. Now, let's review a few examples of how to use Whitebit Trailing Order strategies via the GoodCrypto platform.


WhiteBIT Trailing Buy Order

A Trailing Buy order allows you to enter any long position at the most attractive price. The trailing order will slide along the market while it is in the declining phase, and as soon as the price starts to form a reversal and passes the Trailing Distance value from the minimum point, a Buy order will be triggered and then executed. This means you can buy an asset at the best possible price in the market, precisely at the break of the trend. This is the best possible answer to the frequent question about how to buy on WhiteBIT profitably.
Binance Trailing Buy Order

WhiteBIT Trailing Sell Order

A Trailing Sell order works in an identical way, but in the opposite direction. During a period when the market is rising, the WhiteBIT Trailing Sell Order follows the price and catches the very reversal to the downside trend, executing a Sell trade when the price passes the pre-set Trailing Distance parameter. If you are still wondering how to sell on WhiteBIT with maximum profit, such a Trailing Sell Order would be the best tool to exit a Long position or to enter a Short position at the best price, without being in front of the monitor.
Trailing Stop Loss Binance Order

Trailing Stop Loss WhiteBIT Order

Whitebit Trailing Stop Loss is a smart tool aimed at reducing the risk and size of a loss in case if an asset’s price reverses prematurely before reaching the expected level of a classic Stop Loss. This dynamic Trailing Stop Loss follows an asset’s price and exit the market when it rolls back to a certain configured value (passes a trailing distance), thereby reducing your loss, while a normal Stop Loss order would only be executed at a specific initially pre-set price level.
Trailing Take Profit Binance Order

Trailing Take Profit WhiteBIT Order

Another extra feature of the Whitebit Trailing Stop Orders is an ability to use it as a Whitebit Trailing Take Profit, simply by setting its trigger point above the Buy price. A Trailing Order in any active price movement will allow you to take the maximum out of the amplitude of the trend. WhiteBIT Trailings offer a new opportunity to ride the trend till the end and take additional profits that would normally be missed. Compared to a traditional Take Profit, a Trailing Take Profit enables you to hold a trade until the end of the trend and its reversal, resulting in a significant boost to your PnL as extra profit. The only thing you need to configure is the Trailing Distance, a specific parameter for exiting the market at the right moment.

WhiteBIT Futures Trailing Stop

With the GoodCrypto app, you have access to all of WhiteBIT’s Trailing Stop strategies on futures markets, allowing you to trade with up to 20x leverage. By using Trailing Orders on WhiteBIT futures, you can surf the market making the Buy/Sell trades at the best possible prices. With the ability to adjust your WhiteBIT Futures Trailing Stop loss order, you can protect your portfolio from sudden price dumps without limiting your upside potential. Alternatively, you can set a WhiteBIT Trailing Take Profit order to increase your potential gains.

It’s important to note that while leverage can significantly enhance the profitability of your WhiteBIT Futures Trailing Stop, it’s crucial to manage your risk by utilizing isolated margin when possible and ensuring that you have sufficient collateral when trading in cross-margin mode.
This will help you avoid position liquidation while your WhiteBIT Futures Trailing Stop is active, enabling you to take full advantage of the various trading opportunities available in the market.


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WhiteBIT Trailing Stop Loss Bot In GoodCrypto

Binance Trailing Stop Loss Bot In GoodCrypto
GoodCrypto's Infinity Trailing Bot can provide you with impressive trading results in the shortest timescale, and it operates autonomously. When running the Infinity Trailing Bot, all you need to do is to set the Trailing Distance, and the bot will execute Trailing Buy and Trailing Sell orders based on the local market direction, consistently generating profits for you. There's a great hint on how to trade on WhiteBIT with regular profits.

WhiteBIT Stop Loss and Take Profit Combos

Binance Stop Loss and Take Profit Combos
The GoodCrypto platform enables traders to attach a Stop Loss and Take Profit combo to any initial order, on any exchange they trade on. Regardless of what type of order was opened (Market, Limit, or Trailing), such a combo can be attached in just a few clicks. Combining these two order types can help to streamline the trader's workflow, as everything can be managed within a single trading interface. Furthermore, the use of these combo orders can help to mitigate risk and protect against market volatility.

WhiteBIT Trailing Stop Order Basics

To get a more solid understanding of Trailing Stop Orders we offer a comprehensive video guide. Using this detailed explanation, you can confidently navigate the nuances of this powerful tool and take your trading to the next level.


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No, there are no Trailing Stop orders on the exchange. However, the GoodCrypto app will give you the ability to use different types of Trailing Stop orders by setting them up in just a few clicks.

Add the WhiteBIT API key to our app and enjoy trading with Trailing Stop on WhiteBIT, with Stop Loss and Take Profit combos, Trailing Stop Loss bot, and other advanced order types.

In our definitive guide, find all details about configuring the WhiteBIT API key and adding it to Good Crypto.

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