Phemex Trading Bot

Every successful trader reaches a point where they want to automate processes and improve efficiencies to clear up time for more critical priorities without sacrificing PnL performance. Good traders search out specific tools to increase operational profitability. The Phemex API bot for automated trading is a tool every trader should have in their set.

What is the Phemex Trade Bot?

The Phemex trading bot is a part of the versatile automated trading tools in the Good Crypto platform, which trades in profit in any market situation using advanced algorithms and will significantly boost your trading performance. With the Good Crypto trading bots, you can easily increase your PnL, capturing any profit opportunity and avoiding human errors. After selecting a trading strategy and launching the bot, the algorithms work automatically without requiring your intervention in different processes. The automated trading bot for Phemex can be launched in just a few clicks and will open and close orders and execute the trades on its own, steadily enhancing your results while other things occupy you.

The Phemex Bot Trading Advantages

Coinbase PRO Automated Trading Bot
Phemex Auto Trading Bot

Efficiently organize your crypto portfolio management to enjoy a lucrative trading experience while giving your active attention to other things. 

Set up the Phemex trading bot with your preferred pre-set strategy, and edge up your chances of profits.

Coinbase PRO Bots for Any Market Cycle
Phemex Trading Bot for Any Market Behavior

To reap the benefits from any market movement, select the right strategy of the bot for the current market formation and run the algo just in a few clicks.

Making a steady profit is getting easier than ever.

Increase your portfolio APY with Trading Bots for Coinbase
Improve Your PnL with a Phemex Bot

Set up your free crypto bot on Phemex and earn a solid extra income with a high APY in an entirely passive way.

How to Set up a Bot to Trade On Phemex?

Connect your Phemex Account

Add Phemex API keys to your GoodCrypto account

Set Up Trading Bot For Phemex

Easy setup in a few steps with the simple guides

Enjoy the Phemex Trading Bot

The bot automatically multiplies your deposits while also boosting trading volume.

Best Phemex Crypto Bot Strategies

Phemex bots may follow various algorithmic strategies. Each will provide stable PnL growth under different market conditions in a fully automated trading rhythm. Along with that, the trading algo aims to stabilize your trading results over the long term.

dots graphic
Phemex Grid Trading Strategy
Generate profit with the help of the Phemex grid trading bot, even if the market is in range! When the price stays flat between some critical levels of support and resistance, and there is no clear market structure, the Phemex Grid Bot is the best option to make a profit in such conditions. The algo will open a grid of buy and sell orders in a range you set. So you no longer have to open and close multiple trades manually. Instead, the bot will do everything for you. Such bots can execute thousands of transactions per day and stay in the market until they meet the desired P&L targets and stop-loss criteria, or you stop it manually.
The Phemex best DCA Bot Strategy
The Phemex DCA bot strategy is the universal approach for the trending market. This bot enables you to average the entry price of your long or short position on both spot and futures markets. If the market goes in the desired direction, the bot will close its position in profit. However, when the market goes against you, the Phemex DCA bot will cost-average your entry, lowering a take-profit target. If you launch a Long Phemex DCA bot, the bot will open a buy order first, and if the market goes against you, it will execute more buy orders to average your entry price and adjust the Take Profit level accordingly. The Short Phemex DCA bot works similarly but in a different direction. The bot will start with a sell order and open additional sell orders as the price moves upward, forming the best average entry price for your short position. The DCA bot automatically updates the take profit targets when the market reverses.
Trailing Algo Phemex Trading Strategy
When there are active price movements or significant structural trends on the market, it is a great moment to make maximum profits with the Infinity Trailing bot for Phemex. The bot will follow the price trend in both directions until it reverses using the multiple Phemex trailing stop orders. Thus, such amplitude trades may significantly increase your PnL. Then, all youneed to do is to set the necessary Trailing Distance and Take Profit amount according to your trading strategy, and the magic will begin.

The Phemex Futures Bot

All the Phemex Bot trading strategies are now available for you if you trade derivatives on Phemex through the GoodCrypto app.

Try the fully automated trading process with the Phemex Futures Grid bot, Phemex Futures DCA bot, or Infinity Trailing algo. Using these highly adapted algorithms for appropriate market situations, you’ll be able to generate solid profits even with the 100x leverage.

As a part of the advanced functionality of the GoodCrypto platform, you could also find Strong Buy or Strong Sell signals from the technical analysis module. Such a feature is an excellent tool for making plenty of profitable trades with any asset during bullish and bearish trends. For example, you could launch a Long Grid bot or DCA bot based on Strong Buy TA signals for some assets and make an easy profit during the market rise. Alternatively, you may choose a Neutral Grid or Infinity Trailing bot to make profits in sideways market volatility on the Phemex Futures markets.

Manage all exchange accounts with one application!

The Phemex Fees

Every successful trader reaches a point where they want to automate processes and improve efficiencies to clear up time for more critical priorities without sacrificing PnL performance. Good traders search out specific tools to increase operational profitability. The Phemex API bot for automated trading is a tool every trader should have in their set.
Basic users
0.01% for Market Makers
0.06% for Market Takers
0.1% Market Makers and Market Takers
VIP users
Market Makers
0.01% - 0%
Market Takers
0.06% - 0.0325%
*depending on 30-day trading volume

Why Do You Need Phemex Trading Bots by Good Crypto?

The GoodCrypto app enables you to build any trading strategy with the Phemex auto-trading bot without code and with minimum effort. Our team has already designed and tested different Algos for various usage scenarios and at different trading cycles. Now there is no need to search for sweet entry points into the market for a long time. All you have to do is to define the required scenario and run the bot. Then, it will do everything automatically, without your direct involvement.

Why Good Crypto?

Advanced Trading Functionality
Try the Phemex trading bots with advanced order types and automated trading algorithms on 35 exchanges. Use the Phemex trading bot for free with 14-day access to try automated trading strategies, and boost your profits to the next level.
Simple and Intuitive Set Up
Using the most advanced trading bots on Phemex with GoodCrypto has become simpler than ever. Moreover, all the PRO trading functionality is now available in a friendly interface.
Best Value in the Market
With GoodCrypto, you can try the most advanced trading tools at the lowest price on the market. What is more, you can try Bot for Phemex for FREE with a 14-day trial, making it a revolutionary yet affordable tool for your trading.


In our definitive guide, find all details about configuring the Phemex API key and secret and adding them to Good Crypto to try PRO functions with a free crypto bot Phemex.

You can check the current prices here. Moreover, GoodCrypto offers you a 14-day free trial to let you try the Phemex free crypto trading bot.

Plenty of features are available in GoodCrypto for free. However, some advanced Trading tools and bots are available only in the PRO package. If you want to use the app at full blast, start with a 14-day free trial and give it a try!

GoodCrypto is one of the most secure crypto trading apps on the market.

  • We don’t have access to your funds.
  • We don’t require your wallet’s private keys.
  • The app supports immediate on-device asymmetric encryption of all API keys and user data.
  • All internal connections are encrypted, and backend services are encrypted and firewalled separately.

Please find more details about Good Crypto’s security on our Security page.

Everything is simple:

  • Download the GoodCrypto app.
  • Create an API key for your crypto exchange(s) and add it to GoodCrypto
    * More details on how to configure API keys may be found here.
  • Start a 14-days free trial and launch the trading bot of your choice.