Good Crypto affiliate program

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Grow your referral income by promoting the best crypto trading tools by GoodCrypto, and receive up to 50% of your affiliates’ DEX swap fees, subscription spend, and tax volume-based bonuses.

Best Crypto Referral Program Conditions

High rebates

Get up to 50% of your crypto referrals DEX swap fees and subscriptions spend

Trading volume payouts

Get up to $10 for every $1M traded by your crypto referral network on taxes

Benefits for referrals

Exclusive 5% discount on DEX swap fees and 25% off the Annual PRO subscription for your invitees

Good Crypto Affiliate Program in Detail

Boost Your Referral Income With GoodCrypto PRO!

Subscribe to a higher GC PRO tier to increase the % of subscription revenue you get from your referrals

Earn 30% of subscription payments on our Free tier, 35% on PRO Monthly, 40% on PRO Annual, and get 50% on PRO Lifetime

Mint our ultimate NFT to increase your DEX swap fee share from 25% to 50%

Earn Extra Rebates on Trading Volume of Your Referrals

Receive a reward for every $1,000,000 that your referrals trade via GoodCrypto on any Spot or Derivatives centralized exchange we support

Get higher payout with higher PRO tier: earn $5 for every $1M traded on our Free tier, $6 on PRO Monthly, $7 on PRO Annual, and $10 on PRO Lifetime

Receive 25% of all DEX swap fees that your referrals paid to goodcryptoX

Special Bonus for Your Referrals

Give your referrals a clear incentive to sign up using your Good Crypto referral link!

Your invitees will get an exclusive 5% DEX swap fee discount when trading on goodcryptoX

Your invitees will also receive a 25% discount on our PRO Annual subscription when subscribing via our web app

What is GoodCrypto?

GoodCrypto is an advanced trading terminal and all-in-one portfolio management app. It supports 35 Spot and Derivatives exchanges and offers a single set of advanced trading tools that work in the same way across all exchanges. Whether you are a crypto newbie or a seasoned PRO, GoodCrypto will help you become a better trader.

Automate your trading with advanced Trading Bots: from Grid and DCA to Infinity Trailing. Trade with Trailing Stops, Stop Loss + Take Profit combos that do not freeze your balance until triggered. Follow comprehensive TA signals to make far-sighted and profitable decisions. Keep an eye on all your trades and transactions on 35 crypto exchanges and 15 blockchains from one place in real-time.

The best trading tools are at your fingertips 24/7, at the lowest price on the market. Don’t hesitate to join one of the best crypto affiliate programs!


goodcrypto interface

Monetize Your Crypto Network


GoodCrypto referral program is designed to incentivize both referrers and referees and offers the best rewards on the market. The more users you refer, the longer they stay with GoodCrypto, and the more they trade, the higher your reward. Find more details in the rules section.

The minimum payout threshold is $50. Once your balance is higher, you can request your payout right from the Dashboard. Payouts will be made in USD-pegged stablecoins over ETH, BSC, or TRX blockchains and processed in 1-7 days. Take note that we will decrease your payout by the expected blockchain transaction fee.

Just go to your favorite exchange to issue API keys and add them to GoodCrypto. Follow the link to find more details on how to configure and add the API key to the GoodCrypto app.

No, we do not charge any trading fees on top of what the exchanges charge. You pay the same execution fee whether you send your order via Good Crypto or directly via the exchange interface.

GoodCrypto is one of the most secure crypto trading apps on the market.

  • We don’t have access to your funds.
  • We don’t require your wallet’s private keys.
  • The app supports immediate on-device asymmetric encryption of all API keys and user data.
  • All internal connections are encrypted, and backend services are encrypted and firewalled separately.

Please find more details about Good Crypto’s security on our Security page.