Crypto Screener: Check Live Cryptocurrency Prices

Why GoodCrypto Is The Best App To Monitor Cryptocurrency?
GoodCrypto is the best app to monitor cryptocurrency prices and identify trading opportunities. GoodCrypto app streams all crypto prices live and provides cryptocurrency price chart history. Besides live prices for over 8,000 coins, our crypto screener provides data on 24-hour trading volume, market capitalization, and technical analysis rating of each crypto, allowing you to make informed trading decisions.
All Crypto Prices In Real Time
Check and compare cryptocurrency prices live for over 8,000 coins across 35 leading crypto exchanges. Sort and filter the list to get the best view of the opportunity set and discover new trading ideas. Dive into each coin’s details to see live price comparison of all trading pairs across 35 exchange.
Live Crypto Volume Tracker
The Good Crypto volume monitor shows you the 24-hour trading volume of each trading pair across all the leading crypto exchanges. Find the most liquid exchange for any coin to improve your execution price and avoid slippage, check where the action is, and avoid pump and dump schemes.
Crypto Screener With Live Technical Analysis Rating of 8,000 Cryptocurrencies
Crypto Screener free tool by GoodCrypto provides an instant overview of technical Buy/Sell rating for every coin based on 17 Moving Averages and Oscillators. You don’t need to analyze dozens of indicators to decide when to go in or out of the trade. Technical Analysis Rating shows likely futurer price trend helping you make an informed decision when opening or closing your position.