Good Crypto is one of the most Secure cryptocurrency trading apps on the market

GoodCrypto is not only one of the best crypto trading apps out there, but also one of the safest. Our app was built with API keys and user data security in mind from the ground up.

On-device API key encryption. Encrypted and firewalled keys storage

Multi-tiered server security architecture. Firewalled and encrypted backend services

Multi-layer account security. Active unusual behavior detection

Regular security audits by the leading cyber security experts

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API keys encrypted the moment you add them to Good Crypto

Your API keys are encrypted on your device with a 2048-bit asymmetric encryption. They are securely transmitted via SSL, stored in an encrypted and firewalled environment and never returned back to the client.

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All connections are encrypted, all backend services encrypted and firewalled

The platform always encrypts all connections to secure the trading experience of every user. All backend services are compartmentalized in separately encrypted and firewalled environments.

Our multi-level security architecture ensures that our users can trade in a safe and secure environment without any risks of malicious third party actions.

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User data is encrypted and depersonalized. Account activity is continuously monitored

Your personal data is encrypted on device and stored in encrypted depersonalized databases. Your account activity is continuously monitored with unusual behavior detection heuristics.

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Regular external audits and cooperation with white-hat hackers

We know that no one is perfect, and that both security technologies and threats are evolving continuously. That is why GoodCrypto regularly undergoes third-party audits of the application code, server architecture, and all our internal processes.

We also have an ongoing bug bounty program to incentivize white-hat hackers to help us prevent threats and eliminate vulnerabilities.

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Found a vulnerability in Good Crypto?

Good Crypto has an ongoing self-hosted bug bounty program.
Please, submit the details here and we will contact you shortly after validating it.

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