Bitstamp Trailing Stop Order

Make your trading less overwhelming with Bitstamp Trailing Stop orders by GoodCrypto. These advanced orders will lower your risk and increase your profit potential by entering and exiting the market at better prices. Trailing Stop Bitstamp orders will unlock multiple opportunities to grow your trading profits.

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How to Set Up a Trailing Stop For Bitstamp In GoodCrypto?

Connect Bitstamp Account

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Adjust Bitstamp Trailing Stop

Simple setup
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Trail Market Price

Trailing Stop follows the market automatically

Bitstamp Trailing Stop Order Strategies

A Trailing Stop order is one of the best tools for efficient and successful trading. These orders allow you to enter and exit positions at the best prices, enabling you to boost your profit and rescue possible losses, depending on your chosen strategy. Go through the examples of different Trailing Stop strategies provided below, or check out our comprehensive guide to trading with Trailing Stops in our blog.


Bitstamp Trailing Buy Order

A Trailing Buy order is considered the best trading strategy for initiating long positions. The order tracks an asset's price as it falls and executes a Buy order if/when the price sharply rises from its lowest level by the trailing distance amount. Usually, it’s around 2-4%. This strategy will help you buy assets at the lowest price possible, just when a downtrend turns uptrend.
Binance Trailing Buy Order

Bitstamp Trailing Sell Order

Trailing Stop Sell comes in handy when you want to exit a long position as profitably as possible. The Trailing Stop Sell order tracks the asset’s market price as it rises and executes a Sell order if/when the price harshly falls from its highest point by the Trailing Distance amount. For example, let's say 2-4%. This strategy will help you get the maximum profit possible by selling an asset just when an uptrend reverses.
Trailing Stop Loss Binance Order

Trailing Stop Loss Bitstamp Order

Trailing Stop Loss Bitstamp Order is a must-have tool for any successful trader. This dynamic SL order will limit potential losses and may act as a Take Profit order if the price crosses the entry price point. It will increase your profit potential and raise the Stop Loss (or Take Profit) level, as long as the price moves in your favor. Therefore, you’ll exit your position with a profit when the price trend eventually reverses.
Trailing Take Profit Binance Order

Trailing Take Profit Bitstamp Order

If the Trailing Sell order is activated above the initial buying price, the Bitstamp trailing stop loss can also serve as Bitstamp trailing take profit.If the market price continues to rise, you will make more money with this type of trailing order than with a regular Take Profit. Similar to a trailing stop loss, a trailing take profit will be activated when the trend reverses and the price declines by the specified amount (Trailing Distance). Trailing take profit will ignore minor downward price movements until it is activated, which improves your chances of riding a strong uptrend till the end.

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Bitstamp Trailing Stop Loss Bot In GoodCrypto

Binance Trailing Stop Loss Bot In GoodCrypto
The Infinity Trailing bot is the best solution for trending markets. It will save you time and will trade with Bitstamp trailing stop orders autonomously. The Bitstamp trade bot will open Trailing Buy and Trailing Sell orders repeatedly. Just specify your trailing distance and watch your profits grow by leaps and bounds. Such a bot will remain in the market until you manually stop it or reach the profit target level.

Bitstamp Stop Loss and Take Profit Combos

Binance Stop Loss and Take Profit Combos
With the GoodCrypto app, you can add Stop Loss and Take Profit Bitstamp order combinations to any initial limit, market, or trailing stop order and never keep your balance frozen! Add a trailing take profit to the initial order to increase your target risk/reward ratio. Adjust any desired position with a couple of clicks and enjoy how they execute according to your chosen scenarios

Bitstamp Trailing Stop Order Basics

Watch our in-depth explanation in the video guide to Trailing Stop Orders to ensure you understand the fundamentals of trading with Bitstamp advanced trading orders. Our goal is to do our best so that you trade with all of Good Crypto’s features skillfully and profitably.


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Please find more details about Good Crypto’s security on our Security page.

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