KuCoin Trailing Stop Order

Finding the right point to take a position regularly requires extreme attention and effort, doesn't it? The solution comes simply by using the advanced functionality of the GoodCrypto platform, where you can use KuCoin Trailing Stop Orders to reduce risks and increase the level of profit in each trade regularly. In addition, KuCoin Trailing orders will open up new opportunities for trading in profit, whatever strategy and market situation you are considering.


How to Set a Trailing Stop For KuCoin In GoodCrypto?

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KuCoin Trailing Stop Order Strategies

A Trailing Stop order is a vital tool many regular traders often use. It allows them to enter and exit the trade in the best price conditions during any trend and take the most significant profits from the market movement. Trailing Stop orders are used as options to buy or sell tokens or as a way to decrease the risks in any trade. This all depends on the following strategy. Next, we would give you a tip to look through our full blog article regarding the Trailing Stops, where we have fully explored all the pros and cons of trading with the PRO orders via the GoodCrypto App. For now, let's look at some base Trailing Stop strategies.


KuCoin Trailing Buy Order

A Trailing Buy order strategy is a pretty good solution to initiate a long position. According to this strategy, the order will follow the price at the stage of decline and will buy at the reversal of the price, based on the set Trailing Distance. Thus, we buy back almost any asset at the lowest price, getting our extra margin and able to exit the market with a high profit.
Binance Trailing Buy Order

KuCoin Trailing Sell Order

KuCoin Trailing Stop Sell order does the same thing, only in reverse. First, we follow the market as it keeps rising. Then, their order is activated when the price pulls back from the maximum values and passes the set trailing distance. This tool allows you to sell on price peaks and get a good margin on the change of priority: from bullish to bearish.
Trailing Stop Loss Binance Order

Trailing Stop Loss KuCoin Order

KuCoin Trailing Stop Loss shows decent stable results when high volatility and amplitude movements come into the market. In such a case, the Trailing Order will serve as a dynamic Stop Loss for you. Thus, your deposit will always be safe no matter what spontaneous price jumps the market may present to you.
Trailing Take Profit Binance Order

Trailing Take Profit KuCoin Order

KuCoin Trailing Stop Loss can also serve as KuCoin Trailing Take Profit, placing the order trigger above the price level to buy. In moments when the entry was especially good, and you are in a long profitable movement in the right direction, using the Trailing Take Profit, you will take the most out of the action, and the trade will close automatically on a reversal formation. This often results in a multiple of a static take profit.

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KuCoin Trailing Stop Loss Bot In GoodCrypto

Binance Trailing Stop Loss Bot In GoodCrypto
The Infinity Trailing bot will free up most of your time spent trading. It will work without manual intervention in setting KuCoin Trailing Stops. Instead, the KuCoin bot will operate trailing orders to sell and buy in both directions of the trend. You must determine the trailing distance based on the market situation and potential volatility and launch the bot. It's also available to set the drawdown level of your PnL, which will further protect your portfolio from sensible losses.

KuCoin Stop Loss and Take Profit Combos

Binance Stop Loss and Take Profit Combos
With the GoodCrypto app, you can adjust Stop Loss and Take Profit KuCoin combos to any initial order (limit, market, or trailing stop order) and never hold your balance frozen! You can also connect an additional Trailing Take Profit to the initial order. This will help you further increase your target risk/reward ratio. Set up any desired position in just a few clicks and enjoy the way they execute according to your chosen scenarios. Cryptocurrency trading is now much easier!

KuCoin Trailing Stop Order Basics

We try to ensure that all of the GoodCrypto app features and tools are thoroughly understood by our users. Learn more about KuCoin Trailing Stop Orders or brush up on your understanding of them by watching our video guide.


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Yes, it does, but with much narrower functionality and customization than in the GoodCrypto app. Also, the native KuCoin trailing stop order freezes a user’s balance while Good Crypto’s one does not. Moreover, GoodCrypto allows you to use other advanced trading tools such as KuCoin Trading Bot. Nevertheless, we provide our users with the best tools and a user-friendly UI. Check it out right now!

Add the KuCoin API key to our app and enjoy trading with Trailing Stop on Kucoin, with Stop Loss and Take Profit combos, Trailing Stop Loss bot and other advanced order types.

In our definitive guide, find all details about configuring the KuCion API key and adding it to Good Crypto.

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