goodcryptoX trading contest prize pool

goodcryptoX trading competition is live!

We are thrilled to announce our first DEX trading competition on goodcryptoX! Trade on Ethereum, Arbiturm, or BASE via goodcryptoX to share up to $5,000 prize pool and have a chance to win our exclusive NFTs providing unique benefits!

2024 has already brought us a whirlwind of exciting events and trading opportunities in the crypto market, with the launch of the BTC ETF, Bitcoin hitting new all-time highs, and the frenzy of the meme coin season. Massive gains, wild volatility, and endless trading opportunities are yours to seize. So we’re kicking off our first goodcryptoX DEX trading competition to help you ride this wave!

trade and win big

Challenge fellow traders in trading volume to share a reward pool worth over $5,000.

Use our DEX 💎 Screener to uncover trading opportunities and our DEX trading tools like trailing stops and take profit + stop loss combos to seize them!

The top trader by volume will also snag an Ultimate NFT worth 0.33 ETH providing transferable lifetime GoodCrypto PRO subscription, and a 1.5x revshare multiplier, 50% swap fee discount, and a 50% referral revshare on goodcryptoX!

competition rules

  • Competition period: from June,15 to July, 16 (00:00 AM to 00:00 AM UTC);
  • All coins available on goodcryptoX are eligible;
  • All networks available on goodcryptoX (Ethereum, Arbitrum, and Base) are eligible;
  • Trader with the highest overall trading volume traded via goodcryptoX during the competition period wins;
  • The contest uses a dynamic reward pool system: the higher the total competition trading volume is, the larger the reward pool will be.

The rewards for the top 10 traders with the highest trading volume are:

goodcryptoX trading contest prize pool

Total prize pool and the competition leaders can be tracked via the competition dashboard.

and that’s not all…

goodcryptoX king and rock star nfts

We’ve also prepared two special prizes: for the highest overall PnL and the most profitable trade.

the highest PnL

Trader with the highest absolute PnL (PnL in USD) will receive our king NFT that provides a 1.5x revenue share multiplier and a 50% swap fee discount.

The PnL will be calculated as follows:

goodcryptoX wallet balance at the end of the tournament – wallet balance at the start of the tournament – deposits made during the tournament + withdrawals made during the tournament = your PnL.

For example, if your wallet balance was $100 at the start of the competition, you deposited an additional $100 during the contest and your balance grew to $500 by the end of it, your PnL will be $300.

There is only one condition to qualify for the prize: you need to make at least one swap during the trading competition.

For the PnL calculation all balances, deposits and withdrawals will be converted to USD at the respective prices (i.e. start balance – at the prices at the start of the contest and so on).

Wallet balances will be summed up across all three networks (ETH, ARB, and BASE).

the most profitable trade

The trader that closes the most profitable trade (with the highest PnL %) during the competition will receive our rock star NFT that provides a 1.25x revenue share multiplier and a 25% swap fee discount.

Trade profitability will be calculated as follows:

(USD value of the coins sold – USD value of the coins purchased)/(USD value of the coins purchased).

For example, if you bought coin X for $100 and sold it for $150, your trade profitability will be 50%.

The conditions for qualifying are the following:

  • The coin must be purchased after the contest starts and sold before it ends;
  • The coin’s value should be over $100 at the time of purchasing.

how to participate?

  1. Create your non-custodial goodcryptoX wallet, following our guide;
  2. Fund your wallet on ETH, ARB, or BASE networks by transferring tokens from another wallet of buying them with the 💳 (you can deposit any ERC20 token but you’d also need ETH to pay the gas fees);
  3. Trade via goodcryptoX on any network via our web or mobile app using any of our DEX trading tools.

Embrace the DEX trading revolution with goodcryptoX and earn rewards from our trading competition!

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June 13, 2024

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