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goodcryptoX Public Beta is Live! Unleash the Power of DEX Trading Now!

Not long ago, we announced the launch of the invite-only beta version of goodcryptoX. At that time, only a select few had the opportunity to delve into advanced DEX trading.

Today, we’re thrilled to share that the goodcryptoX invite-only beta has recently become public and now accessible to one and all! This means that finally, not only members of its 70,000-strong waitlist, but any DEX trader worldwide will be able to enjoy the ultimate DEX trading experience offered by goodcryptoX across Ethereum, Arbitrum and Base blockchains with much more to come.

Now, let’s dive deep into details.

what is goodcryptoX?

goodcryptoX is a non-custodial DEX trading platform that puts you in complete control of your funds. Powered by Smart Contract Wallets and ERC-4337 Account Abstraction, it combines the seamless user experience of Web2 with top-tier MPC wallet security and unrivaled DEX trading functionality.

With goodcryptoX, you can grant granular on-chain verifiable wallet permissions to the platform using session keys. This unlocks a world of advanced DEX capabilities, from placing buy or sell orders at any price level to copying the most profitable DEX wallets, utilizing trading bots, and automatically mirroring your trades on L2 chains for gas efficiency.

Moreover, goodcryptoX will be fueled by its native utility token, $GOOD, offering users access to swapping fee discounts, participation in governance, and the opportunity to benefit from the platform’s growth through market-leading revenue sharing

goodcryptoX features

The bot is fully functional, but a lot of features are still being developed and the revenue sharing and trade mining programs await for the launch of our GOOD token. However, to date, you can enjoy:

  • Advanced Trading Tools: Elevate your trading game with an array of sophisticated tools, including versatile limit and trailing orders, dynamic take profit & stop loss combos, and more.
  • Multi-Network Compatibility: Seamlessly navigate across multiple networks, including Ethereum, Base, and Arbitrum, with support for additional networks and assets in the pipeline.
  • Referral Rewards Program: Invite your network to goodcryptoX and start earning a generous 25% of their swap fees instantly.
  • Much more to come.

getting started with goodcryptoX

Getting started with goodcryptoX couldn’t be easier.

  1. Create wallet with 1 click;
  2. Transfer ETH and/or coins from another wallet you control or buy them with 💳;
  3. Choose an order type and send your first swap!

GOOD token presale: coming soon

Brace yourselves for the eagerly anticipated GOOD token presale!

Engage in trading activities on goodcryptoX, invite friends to join the platform, and accumulate app activity points to secure your spot on the presale whitelist. Additionally, heightened app engagement could enhance your chances of participating in our upcoming airdrop.

For a comprehensive understanding of our platform’s architecture, functionality, and tokenomics, be sure to explore our detailed documentation.

The more you trade with goodcryptoX, the more friends you invite, and the more they trade, the higher your chances get.

Unlock the full potential of decentralized trading by joining goodcryptoX today. Seize this chance to be at the forefront of DeFi’s evolution and explore goodcryptoX bot now!

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April 22, 2024

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