GoodCrypto Integrated Phemex: FREE Trading With PRO Tools and Cashbacks!

We at Good Crypto continuously improve our product, taking into account user preferences to bring the highest value and make your trading as beneficial as possible.

Today we are excited to announce GoodCrypto and full-service Phemex exchange integration. To celebrate this event, we grant FREE access to advanced trading with Good Crypto features and provide the most active users with cashback. So stick around to find all the details and not get FOMO!

What is the Phemex exchange?

Phemex is a relatively new cryptocurrency exchange specializing in investment, spot, and derivatives trading. It doesn’t require a completed KYC and draws customers with the ability to instantly buy crypto with Visa and MasterCard credit or debit cards. Furthermore, HODLers can make deposits and generate up to 10% interest in a fixed or flexible savings account.

Another thing we like the most is welcome bonuses for Phemex exchange newcomers. All users are eligible to get up to $180 cashback to pay trading fees just for signing up and achieving selected targets. Follow our referral link to create an account.

Nevertheless, Phemex & GoodCrypto combo can bring you even more benefits!

Extra Bonus For Good Crypto Users from Phemex:


All GoodCrypto users who trade $100 on Phemex spot trading will claim a $10 spot cashback voucher.

How to claim the reward?

  1. Signup to Phemex using the GoodCrypto affiliate link;
  2. Configure the Phemex API key, and add it to GoodCrypto;
  3. Register your Phemex UID on Google Form.

! Don’t miss a thing! First, ensure you have provided an accurate Phemex UID identical to your email. Once you’re all set, you’re automatically eligible to participate!

Every participant must respond to the Phemex email within 14 days to claim a $10 voucher.

Important note! Users are only eligible to participate with a single account. For example, if we identify you as a professional bounty hunter, it will result in immediate disqualification.

However, that is not the only advantage Phemex and GoodCrypto integration can bring you!


We can’t leave you without GoodCrypto’s advanced trading tools and features. You have a chance to get two months of advanced trading on the Phemex crypto exchange for FREE. Here are three steps to follow:

  1. Signup to Phemex using the GoodCrypto affiliate link;
  2. Configure the Phemex API key, and add it to GoodCrypto;

Ready yet? ​​Enjoy your trading with GoodCrypto PRO trading tools and features at full blast:

  • A wide array of advanced Trailing Orders to reduce all trading risks and increase your gains. Try it now!
  • Stop Loss & Take Profit combos can be attached at once, to any order you send, with no balance freeze to increase your target risk/reward ratio. Timeout Stop Loss trigger will allow you to avoid a premature exit from a position on short-term price spikes. Try it now!
  • Smart TA Signals notify you directly when it’s time to go in or out of a trade with lower risks. Try it now!

Automate your trading in Phemex with integrated bots:

  • The Infinity Trailing bot juggles automatic Trailing Stop Orders assisting you in a trending market or market spikes. When the first order fills , the algorithm will send an opposite one of the same size. Just set the Trailing Distance and the algorithm will run for you. Try it now!
  • Grid Bot is an automated trading strategy for sideways markets. The Bot places a grid of Buy and Sell limit orders for the chosen pair, allowing you to make market entries and exits within the specified range, increasing your chance of making a profit and boosting your trading volume. Try it now!

So, what are you waiting for? Just follow these simple steps and make your trades successful and low-stressed with the GoodCrypto app!

Promo will last till 19th September.

Follow us on Twitter or Telegram as well as Phemex on Twitter to not miss a thing!

Get the App. Get Started.

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July 19, 2022

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