GoodCrypto Launches Grid Algo User Case Contest: Share your Grid Case Study and Get Increased Limits for your Grid Bots!

Our users and community is the core around which our product is built. We are always looking for feedback from our users and try to build the most user-oriented product on the market. Thus, we want to honour the most active participants of the GoodCrypto community.

In order to celebrate the latest update of the GoodCrypto App with enhanced Grid Algo 2.0 and reward our loyal users, we are pleased to announce a contest for the best Grid Algo User Cases. 

Share your Grid Algo trading case with us and grab a chance to get lifetime increased account limits for the Grid Bot, and participate in a lucky draw lottery to win an additional $50!

What Can You Get?

TOP-3 cases chosen by us will get lifetime extended functionality on Grid Algo: 20 Active Grids (+10 to our PRO plan) and 100 Grid levels (+50 to our PRO plan).

In addition, we will conduct a raffle among participants, in which 2 random users will receive $50.

What Are We Looking For?

We are looking for great examples of GoodCrypto Grid Algo functionality put to work. There is no defined criteria – each case will be judged on its own merit. It can be a great PnL achieved in record time or a masterfully chosen Grid range between strong support/resistance levels, or Stop/Take Profit added and hit right before the price ran away, or a coin that trades against BTC/ETH/BNB in Grid range for a long time or something else entirely. Surprise us!

How to submit your case:

  1. Using this Google Form send us a screenshot of your running or closed Grid Algo. Describe your reasoning behind setting it up and stopping it (if stopped manually). Highlight what you think other traders can learn from this case.
  2. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and join our Telegram not to miss the contest winners announcements.

Submit your Grid cases by September 1st. 

There is no limit on how many cases you can submit. Each case might become a winner! (number of submitted cases does not affect your chances in the lucky draw, though).

New Grid 2.0 features to spice up your trading available in GoodCrypto v.1.8.7:

  • Long/short mode for Spot and Futures;
  • Logarithmic levels distribution;
  • Activation price;
  • Stop when Take Profit target reached;
  • Stop in a neutral position;
  • Stops and activation triggered by Mark/Index price;
  • Modify activation and stop parameters of the running grid.

Watch a detailed review of the new Grid features on our YouTube channel.

Try other GoodCrypto Trading Features 

Take your trading to the next level with trading algorithms:

  • Infinity Trailing Bot executes Trailing Stop Orders automatically, assisting you in strong trends or market rallies. When the first order fills, the algorithm will send an opposite one of the same size. Just set the Trailing Distance, and the algorithm will keep it running for you. 
  • Grid Bot is one of the best automated trading strategies out there. It is especially effective during ranging markets. GoodCrypto also offers Long and Short Grid bots that are suited for trending markets as well. The Bot places a grid of Buy and Sell limit orders for the chosen pair, allowing you to make multiple market entries and exits in the specified range, profiting from crypto market volatility. 
  • A variety of advanced Trailing Orders that improve your entry and exit prices and help you ride market movements.
  • Stop Loss & Take Profit combos can be attached to any order you send with a few clicks Stop Loss Trigger Timeout you to avoid a premature exit from a position on short-term price spikes. 
  • Technical Analysis Signals notify you when it is a good time to open or close the trade with lower risks.

You can try all these advanced trading features and a lot more for FREE with a fully-featured 14-day GoodCrypto PRO trial!

Remember to submit your Grid case before September 1st, and don’t forget to follow our announcements on Twitter and Telegram!

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August 15, 2022

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