Good Crypto Weekly Digest Dec 3 - Dec 10. The million-dollar crypto artist, Ethereum the Record Breaker

The million-dollar crypto artist, Ethereum the Record Breaker

Hello everyone, this is our weekly crypto digest. Here you’ll find everything from a weekly market summary and top news to the hottest new exchange listings, and even memes to cheer you up. To get these updates as soon as we post them, follow us on Twitter.

Weekly Market Summary

3D-motion designer Murat Pak has become the first crypto artist to earn more than $1 million through selling blockchain-based works of art. His achievement comes just days after a 17-year-old artist sold a digital NFT artwork for $21,350 – another indicator of the booming market for blockchain-based artworks.

While all eyes have been on Bitcoin’s flirting with $20,000 these last few weeks, Ethereum was quietly setting new records left, right and center. Two records have been recorded over the past week: total DeFi addresses and ETH-holder numbers hit all-time-highs. It’s not a surprise to see investors demanding exposure to ETH as more and more outsiders perceive Bitcoin as just the tip of the crypto iceberg.

Quick weekly news:

Other notable events include:

– Kraken will fund open-source Ethereum development through Gitcoin.

– Cybersecurity specialist Kaspersky foresees a rise in Bitcoin scams in 2021.


Open development

Kraken will fund open-source Ethereum development through Gitcoin. For the first time in the exchange’s history, Kraken will match up to $150,000 in donations made in Gitcoin’s “Ethereum Infrastructure Tech” category in the eighth round of Gitcoin Grants. Gitcoin maintains an Ethereum-based marketplace to connect developers and donors, crowdfund fundraising, and provide opportunities for builders to generate relationships and contribute to projects – all in an attempt to advance open-source tech infrastructure.

Crypto crime

Cybersecurity specialist Kaspersky foresees a rise in Bitcoin scams in 2021, according to a new report on coming financial threats. Weakening fiat systems and rising poverty caused by the coronavirus pandemic will drive many to cybercrime. Specifically, researchers say, Bitcoin fraud and theft is likely to increase, as it is “the most widespread cryptocurrency.” The report extrapolates to this year’s data. Further, targeted ransomware attacks are also expected to rise, having seen “successful operations and extensive media coverage this year,” though Kaspersky thinks ransomers will begin demanding more payouts in privacy-preserving cryptos like Monero.

Top Exchange Listings of the week

Here are the hottest exchange listings of last week:

New Listing on CoinbasePro:

  • Filecoin (FIL/EUR FIL/GBP FIL/BTC FIL/USD) +15% after listing 🚀

New Pairs on CoinbasePro:


New Listings on Binance:

  • Aavegotchi (GHST/ETH GHST/BUSD)

New Pairs on Binance:



New Listings on Huobi:


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💲 Good Crypto - Coin of the Week Decred (DCR)

💲 Good Crypto – Coin of the Week: Decred (DCR)

Decred is a community-directed cryptocurrency with built-in governance designed with the goal of making it a superior long-term store of value.

Decred’s hybrid PoW/PoS consensus mechanism, transparent proposal, voting system, and continually funded treasury was designed to make it secure, adaptable, and sustainable.

Every Decred community member with “skin in the game” – stakeholders, developers, and miners – can vote on the direction of the project. Stakeholders collectively determine the policy, development plan, budget, and consensus rule changes. They also approve the miners’ work – effectively aligning interests to ensure the best possible outcome for all.

😋 Recent announcements:

Decred Announces Launch of DCRDEX

Decred Journal — October 2020





Top Gainers and Losers of the day

We have prepared for you the top-performing coins of Dec 10

Decred (DCR) managed to become the best performing asset from TOP-100, gaining 9.11% within the last 24 hours.

CyberVein (CVT) was the worst-performing asset from TOP-100, losing 12.73% within the last 24 hours.

To get up-to-date Gainer and Losers reports during the week follow us on Twitter. 


Top cryptomeme of the week

Portfolio in the Good Crypto App 👀

Portfolio in the Good Crypto App 👀

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December 10, 2020

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