Bybit & GoodCrypto Trading Contest

Good Crypto and Bybit are excited to announce the launch of Bybit Futures Trading Contest. Trade on Bybit Futures via GoodCrypto to share a $22,500 prize pool!

The rules are simple: highest trading volume wins! All Bybit Futures volume traded using the GoodCrypto app between October 10th – November 10th counts.

Trade on Bybit Futures using the wide range of trading tools of the GoodCrypto platform. Open positions with Trailing Stops, attach Stop Loss + Take Profit combos to any order you send, launch fully-automated Grid or Infinity Trailing Algo to boost your chances of claiming the reward. The higher your trading volume is, the higher your position in the trading contest will be!

Competition Rules

  • Competition period: 10th October – 10th November
  • All Bybit Futures contracts (USDT-M, USDC-M, and Inverse Contracts) are eligible
  • All orders (manual or automated) executed on Bybit Futures via GoodCrypto app are counted towards Competition Trading Volume
  • Trader with the highest Competition Trading Volume wins
  • The contest uses a dynamic reward pool system, so the higher the total competition trading volume, the higher the reward pool. The size of the prize pool and distribution of rewards are shown here:

Prize Pool

  • To be eligible for the top-10 rewards, your Competition Trading Volume must be higher than $50,000 (or you must hold at least 50,000 BIT in your Bybit Spot account).

How to Participate?

To participate in this trading contest, you’ll need a Bybit account connected to GoodCrypto trading terminal with an API key.

Any trade on Bybit Futures made via GoodCrypto terminal between October 10th and November 10th will be counted towards your Competition Trading Volume automatically.

Use the Competition Dashboard to track total trading volume, the size of the prize pool, and your current position in the contest.

FREE Trading With GoodCrypto PRO Tools On Bybit

During the contest period, you will be able to trade on Bybit with all of GoodCrypto PRO trading tools for FREE:

  • Use Trailing Stop orders to enter and exit your position at better prices and exactly when the price trend reverses. Set up a Trailing Take Profit to increase the profit potential of each trade!
  • Attach Stop Loss + Take Profit combos to any order you send

Automate your trading on Bybit and boost your trading volume with GoodCrypto algorithmic bots:

  • Grid Algo maintains a grid of Buy and Sell orders and profits from volatility. Automatically place orders on each price step to seamlessly execute thousands of orders daily, greatly increasing your Competition Trading Volume. Use Neutral Grid for flat markets, and Long or Short Grid for trending markets.
  • Infinity Trailing continuously enters and exits position with Trailing Stop orders, profiting from market moves in any direction. All you have to do is to select the correct trailing distance for current market volatility.

Even if you do not have a GoodCrypto PRO subscription, all of the tools described above will be available to you when trading on Bybit Futures via GoodCrypto.


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October 7, 2022

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