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You can quickly increase the value of your portfolio by using GoodCrypto's best bot trading strategies. They will help you stay active on the market without your direct involvement and will execute multiple trades on your behalf with lower risk, resulting in higher earnings. So, try our free trading bot for Gate io to start making money passively.

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What Is a Gate io Trading Bot?

Gate io bot is a cutting-edge tool for generating passive income. GoodCrypto's trading bots operate autonomously and always stay active in the crypto markets. Even when you cannot monitor the market, the algorithms will execute dozens of trades on your behalf at breakneck speed. Furthermore, each bot strategy is tailored to a specific market cycle for maximum effectiveness. Therefore, before activating the bot, double-check the market trend direction first, select an appropriate strategy, and start earning in a few clicks.
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Advantages of Trading Bot Strategies

Coinbase PRO Automated Trading Bot Automated Trading

The bot makes money for you 24 hours a day without the risk of human error. So start using the bot to earn passive income and save time. bots are available for a 14-day free trial, so give them a try.

Coinbase PRO Bots for Any Market Cycle Bots for Every Market Cycle

Every GoodCrypto bot for can turn any market movement into a profit. You can profit from bearish, bullish, or ranging markets using the bot trading strategies and earn passive income with no stress.

Increase your portfolio APY with Trading Bots for Coinbase
Raise APY% With Crypto Trading Bot For Gate io

You can open long positions while making a consistent profit with any trading bot for Furthermore, using bots is an excellent way to boost your APY. Try Gate io bot free trading and watch your revenue skyrocket.

How to Set up a Bot?

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Connect your Account

Add API key to your existing account.

And Set Up Bot

Simple setup in a few clicks with visual guides.

Enjoy Bot Trading On

Bots trade for you
while you chill

Best Crypto Bot Trading Strategies

The bot seizes every market opportunity. Analyze the current market cycle, select the bot type best suited to the current market state, and reap the benefits of bot trading strategies that relieve you of manual trading stress. The bots will manage all trades for you. It only takes two minutes to configure and launch a trading bot on Gate io via the GoodCrypto app. When you start your bot, it automatically captures profitable trading options while protecting your portfolio from losses.

dots graphic Grid Trading Strategy
The grid bot is the best algo strategy to trade with when the market ranges and the price bounces between support and resistance levels.The grid bot will sell a fixed amount of cryptocurrency as the price rises within the grid and reaches the grid levels. When the price drops, the Grid bot will buy a predetermined amount of cryptocurrency at each grid level. It will keep running until it reaches the bot PnL level, stop-loss criteria or is manually stopped. GoodCrypto provides Long and Short grid options. Short is the best to use in a downtrend, and Long works great in markets with an uptrend. DCA Bot Strategy
DCA bot for will help you average the buying or selling price of any asset and get the maximum profit from the trade, even if the initial entry market price could have been better. Choose between Long DCA Bot and Short DCA, depending on the market cycle. Long DCA will place a buy order first and average down the position by placing additional buy orders as the price falls. The Short DCA bot will place a sell order first and average out your short position by selling an asset if the price moves against you.
Infinity Trailing Bot Strategy
You can successfully follow any market trend and ride on high market volatility with the Infinity Trailing Bot for, seizing any profitable opportunity. This one-of-a-kind trading bot for automatically juggles Trailing Stop orders, capturing market swings up or down. Enter your preferred Trailing Distance for the position entry and exit according to current market volatility, and you're all set. The trading algo will run indefinitely, sending Trailing Orders until it reaches a profit goal or you manually stop it. You can also set the P&L drawdown price that will act as a "trailing stop loss" for your bot.

Manage all exchange accounts with one application!

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You can quickly increase the value of your portfolio by using GoodCrypto's best bot trading strategies. They will help you stay active on the market without your direct involvement and will execute multiple trades on your behalf with lower risk, resulting in higher earnings. So, try our free trading bot for Gate io to start making money passively.
Spot Fees
0.2% / 0.2%
Derivative Fees
0.015% - 0.050%
* All fee rates depend on your current 30-day trading volume.

Why Do You Need API Trading Bot by Good Crypto?

The GoodCrypto trading bots work well with any trading strategy. You no longer have to waste time poring over charts, afraid of missing out on a huge profit opportunity. Instead, if properly configured, the bot algorithm will automatically execute all trades for you to maximize profit. By the way, GoodCrypto's trading bots are widely regarded as the most advanced, user-friendly, and cost-effective on the market.


Why Good Crypto?

Advanced Trading Functionality
Trade with advanced order types and automated trading algorithms on 35 exchanges. Use advanced technical analysis and charting functionality to take your trading to the next level.
Easy and Intuitive SetUp
Configuring even the most advanced trading tools with Good Crypto is simple and straightforward. All parameters are intuitively explained, and every tool includes on-chart visual guides for a seamless setup.
Best Value in the Market
With GoodCrypto, you can enjoy the most advanced trading tools at the lowest price on the market. Moreover, you can try them for FREE with a 14-day trial, making it a no-brainer.


In our definitive guide, find all details about configuring the API key and secret and adding them to Good Crypto.

You can check the current prices here. Moreover, GoodCrypto offers you a 14-day free trial to explore the functionality and start bot free trading.

Plenty of features are available in GoodCrypto for free. However, some advanced Trading tools and bots are available only in the PRO package. If you want to use the app at full blast, start with a 14-day free trial and give it a try!

GoodCrypto is one of the most secure crypto trading apps on the market.

  • We don’t have access to your funds.
  • We don’t require your wallet’s private keys.
  • The app supports immediate on-device asymmetric encryption of all API keys and user data.
  • All internal connections are encrypted, and backend services are encrypted and firewalled separately.

Please find more details about Good Crypto’s security on our Security page.

Everything is simple:

  • Download the GoodCrypto app.
  • Create an API key for your crypto exchange(s) and add it to GoodCrypto
    * More details on how to configure API keys may be found here.
  • Start a 14-days free trial and launch the trading bot of your choice.