Good Crypto Partners up with Bybit to Improve Trading Experience – Get Rewards Now!

We at Good Crypto strive to provide the best and most intuitive trading experience on all of the 30 leading crypto exchanges supported in our app. Good Crypto provides traders with advanced trading tools, data, and alerts that aren’t available on any other crypto trading app on the market. This time, we decided to go beyond that and enable anyone to try our outstanding PRO features with considerable incentive. Today, Good Crypto partners with Bybit, one of the leading crypto exchanges on the market, to bring even more friendly trading experience and advanced trading tools to ALL Bybit users and provide deposit BONUSES for our community.

Please welcome the Good Crypto x Bybit Special Offer:

    Being one of the best trading apps fully packed with unique features, Good Crypto offers Bybit users to enjoy TWO months of trading with all the PRO trading tools on Bybit for FREE. Although, normally, these tools are only available to PRO subscribers of the Good Crypto app, Bybit Spot and Futures traders will be able to use them completely free of charge during the aforementioned period.

    You can easily increase your trading profit and minimize potential risks using our best tools:

  • A wide range of Trailing Stop orders will help Bybit users trade more profitably: enter and exit positions at better prices exactly when the price trend reverses. Try it NOW!

  • With the Infinity Algo tool, you would save your time and trade with Trailing Stop orders automatically. Once the first order fills, the algorithm will send an opposite one with the same size. You just need to set your preferred Trailing Distance based on the observed volatility, and the algorithm will do the rest for you. Automate it NOW!

  • Сonnect fully-automated Stop Loss and Take Profit to each order you send to match your target Risk/Reward Ratio and profit goals. And by using Trailing Take Profit tilt that Risk/Reward Ratio even more in your favor! Use Stop Loss Timeout to prevent triggering the Stop Loss order during sudden short-term market dumps/pumps

  • Enjoy trading on Bybit with the great UX/UI and plenty of technical analysis tools right from the palm of your hand wherever and whenever you go.

How to claim it?
Download Good Crypto, connect your Bybit account with the API key and enjoy PRO Trading tools on Bybit and Bybit Spot right away!

    We also prepared something special for our existing community. Good Crypto users now have a chance to get a 10% DEPOSIT BONUS  in USDT from the Bybit exchange, when they make their first deposit of at least $500
  • Deposit ≥ $1,000 to the Bybit exchange wallet and get a $100 trading bonus, or
  • Deposit  ≥ $500 and < $1,000, get a $50 bonus.

The first 100 traders to enter the code and deposit will receive a 10% bonus on their deposit, the next 500 – a 5% bonus when they make their first deposit of at least $500.

  • Deposit ≥ $1,000, get a $50 bonus, or
  • Deposit ≥ $500 and < $1,000, get a $25 bonus

How to claim it?

  1. Create an account on Bybit.
  2. Enter the code GOODCRYPTO in Rewards Hub to claim your reward.
  3. Make your deposit to Bybit and receive your bonus into your Bybit account at once! Nice and easy!

Enjoy free trading on Bybit with Good Crypto PRO tools and your deposit bonus and don’t forget to tell your friends to install Good Crypto and claim the reward as well!

Good Crypto

Good Crypto is a multi-exchange trading and portfolio management app, available on iOS, Android, and Web. Besides Bybit, Good Crypto supports trading on more than 30 crypto exchanges. The app offers advanced order types for every exchange, fully automated portfolio tracking, real-time cross-exchange price comparison, a suite of smart alerts and much more.


Bybit is a professional crypto trading platform with an ultra-fast matching engine, excellent customer service, and multilingual community support. Bybit provides innovative online spot and derivatives trading services, cloud and DeFi mining products as well as API support to retail and institutional clients around the world. The platform strives to be the most reliable exchange for the emerging digital asset class.

Get the App. Get Started.

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October 20, 2021

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