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Good Crypto X Credits: Partnership Announcement

Good Crypto X Credits: Partnership Announcement

Dear GoodCrypto Family!

As you could notice, over the past year, we were working hard towards developing an all-in-one portfolio tracking and trading app with the most advanced features in the market. Our main goal is to bring the highest value to our users, that’s why we’ve paid a lot of attention to the feedback and desires of our core community – early birds. Now, it’s time to scale. 
As a starting point of our global expansion, we are excited to announce a cross-promo campaign with the blockchain & payment platform Credits!

Introducing Credits 

Introducing Credits 

Credits is a technological company that was originally launched in 2017 to build the fastest and most scalable open-source blockchain platform capable of processing up to millions of transactions per second. 

Credits is registered in London, UK, and operates globally.

They have created an edgy blockchain protocol that potentially could be applied to any industry. Credit sees it as their mission to continue being one of the most progressive blockchain companies, improving and polishing their existing algorithms further. Its goal is to continue delivering high-quality technological solutions matching the world’s demands.

In the finance sector, Credits protocol has got a unique perspective due to its scalability and speed metrics.  By launching Digital Bank they want to show to the world what a modern banking product should look like.

Digital Bank Credits is using traditional financial mechanisms and the fastest blockchain service to deliver a new contemporary product to the world needs. It provides instant and secure services is convenient to use and low in fees.

Credits is making the payments:

  • Global 
  • Inexpensive
  • Simple
  • Instant

Digital Bank Credits presents:

  • Integration with traditional providers like Visa/MC, SWIFT, SEPA.
  • New and modern payment solutions like P2P on the blockchain with cryptocurrencies, stable coins and other products.


Marketing Collaboration Details and Giveaway

With this marketing collaboration, Good Crypto adds to its app market data and trading functionality for the Credits native coin, CS. Now all Credits holders can:

View market data on the CS coin, compare the prices across exchanges in real time, and set up custom alerts on CS price movements  

    • Monitor their portfolio on 28 exchanges and in Bitcoin and Ethereum wallets; 
    • Set up listing alerts for CS on 28 exchanges;
    • Trade CS using  advanced order types (trailing-stop, concurrent stop-loss, and take-profit), t without locking trading balances before an order is executed;
    • Other features to add to be discussed.

As part of our collaboration in pioneering new digital products and services, we are also launching a combined airdrop/bounty program for Good Crypto and Credits community members. Please follow the link to participate.

Get the app. Get started!

Keep your portfolio in your pocket. Trade at any time, from anywhere, on any exchange and get the latest market insight & custom notifications


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December 17, 2020

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