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GoodCrypto becomes goodcryptoX: the future of DEX trading is here!

Blockchain community is eagerly pursuing mainstream adoption of Web3, and it seems to be right on the horizon! However, in order to achieve the successful Web3 adoption we need to make sure that its user experience and functionality is at least on par with Web2. While the DeFi and DEXs ecosystem has been developing rapidly in the recent years, its user-friendliness and its feature set are still a far cry not only from the traditional finance (TradFi) but also from the centralized crypto exchanges (CEXs).

GoodCrypto set on a mission to supercharge the DeFi ecosystem by bringing the advanced trading tools, originally developed for CEXs, to DEX trading. Recent advancements in blockchain technology, such as smart contract wallets and account abstraction, have finally made that possible.

Brace yourself and get ready for the DEX trading revolution, as we’re thrilled to announce that GoodCrypto becomes goodcryptoX. goodcryptoX unlocks the full potential of DEX trading: from limit orders and trading bots to copy trading the best DEX traders, saving on gas fees with batch transactions, and a lot more. All while remaining fully non-custodial and protected with best-in-class MPC security.

Now, let’s dive into the details.

what is goodcryptoX?

goodcryptoX is a non-custodial DEX trading platform that revolutionizes DEX trading with the help of Smart Contract Wallets and ERC-4337 Account Abstraction. goodcryptoX trades on users’ behalf while they retain complete control over their funds.

goodcryptoX combines Web2 user experience, where your wallet is created and managed using nothing more than your social login, with institutional-grade MPC wallet security and unparalleled DEX trading functionality.


goodcryptoX users can issue granular on-chain verifiable wallet permissions to the platform using session keys – one of the key features of smart contract wallets. This unlocks DEX trading functionality that was previously unimaginable: from ability to place a buy or a sell order at any price level to copy trading most profitable DEX wallets, trading bots, automated yield maximization, and a lot more.

The platform’s trading logic is handled by the same battle-tested trading engine that powers GoodCrypto – one of the most advanced trading platforms on the market offering advanced orders and trading bots for 35 CEXs and dYdX.

goodcryptoX will support all leading DEXs and all EVM-compatible blockchains.

GOOD token utility:


goodcryptoX is powered by its native utility token, $GOOD. The GOOD token allows platform users to receive swapping fee discounts, participate in platform’s governance, and benefit from the growth of goodcryptoX with market-leading revenue share.

unparalleled functionality

goodcryptoX delivers functionality that completely redefines the DEX trading experience. The features offered by goodcryptoX include:

  • smart buy/sell
    send Limit and Trailing orders and attach Stop Loss + Take Profit combos to them
  • copy trading bot
    automatically follow the most profitable DEX traders using on-chain wallet profitability screener
  • gems sniper bot
    auto-buy promising DEX gems based on factors like TVL growth, price action, and smart money accumulation
  • SOS bot
    convert all coins in your wallet to stablecoins in a single transaction, paying gas only once
  • DCA bot
    average down your entry price and auto-adjust take profit levels based on your actual position
  • technical analysis bot
    automatically buy and sell tokens based on technical indicators
  • grid bot
    profit from sideways markets by keeping an automated grid of buy and sell orders
  • yield maximizer bot
    automatically move your coins to protocols offering higher yields, paying gas only once
  • rebalancer bot
    rebalance your portfolio in a single transaction based on predefined rules, paying gas only once
  • gas saver bot
    auto-buy gas tokens when gas prices are low and use them to save on gas fees when the network is congested

And that is only the tip of the iceberg. goodcryptoX will offer many more features, including the ability to pay the gas fees in any ERC20 token, auto-mirroring on L2 blockchains with auto-bridging, TWAP/VWAP algos for large orders, recurring buys, Telegram trading shortcuts, AI-powered conversational trading interface, and a lot more!

Sounds too good to be true? We will make it a reality! GoodCrypto – one of the most advanced trading terminals on the market – is a testament to our ability to deliver.

goodcryptoX vs. Telegram trading bots

There has recently been a surge in the popularity of the Telegram trading bots enabling fast trading on decentralized exchanges and offering some functionality unavailable via the native DEX interfaces.

Thus, on May 23, 2023, the total market capitalization of the DEX Bots sector was only $5.5 million. However, in just over three months its market cap had grown more than 40 times, reaching $220 million. Telegram trading bots usage and trading volume has surged as well. The fact that it has happened during the deep bear market with exchange trading volumes down 70-90% from their peak, shows that there is a strong demand from the community for a better user experience and advanced DEX trading functionality.



However, Telegram bots, while providing some advantages in being able to quickly place a DEX trade, offer very limited trading functionality and, most importantly, come with a crucial security tradeoff. Telegram bots are, in fact, custodial platforms that require access to users’ private keys to operate.

The custodial nature of the Telegram trading bots contradicts the very essence of DEX trading and DeFi in general. Remember, not your keys, not your coins! Anyone with the access to your private keys could drain your wallet.

goodcryptoX platform, built upon the smart contract wallets framework, not only solves that security tradeoff by being fully non-custodial, it also significantly expands the feature set of what’s possible in DEX trading, while offering even simpler onboarding and trading experience.

goodcryptoX security

Despite the Web2-like setup experience and cutting-edge functionality, goodcryptoX was built from ground up with the wallet security in mind.

goodcryptoX utilizes the strongest security protocol the web3 has to offer. The platform protects your private keys with Multi-Party Computation (MPC) cryptography that is generally utilized by the largest hedge funds and institutional investors.

This guarantees the complete protection of your funds, while allowing you to easily transfer or restore your wallet on any device with just a few clicks.

goodcryptoX does not have access to your funds at any time. The only operations with your wallet that goodcryptoX can perform are the ones you have explicitly allowed it to via the on-chain verifiable session keys mechanism.

goodcryptoX also follows best practices of the GoodCrypto platform when it comes to anonymising and protecting your data.

what happens to the GoodCrypto app?

goodcryptoX will retain all existing GoodCrypto app functionality and we will continue to add new features to CEX trading tools, portfolio tracking, and market analysis alongside developing the new DEX and DeFi functionality.

join the goodcryptoX revolution and get early-bird benefits!

We are working hard to bring all the exciting goodcryptoX features to you as soon as possible. And here is the cherry on top: you have a chance not only to be among the first to experience the DEX trading revolution, but also to get tangible benefits for being an early adopter.

Secure your spot on the waitlist to unlock exclusive benefits, including early access to ultimate DEX trading tools, amplified revenue share, and reduced swapping fees.

Be among the first 1,000 degens to join our waitlist and enjoy a lifetime of 50% additional revenue share and 50% swapping fee discount on top of the regular revenue share and discounts.

For the next 9,000 degens who join us on this journey, we’re offering an extra 25% revenue share and a 25% extra swapping fee discount.

Even if you won’t get in the first 10,000, you’ll still receive exclusive pre-launch perks if you are on the waitlist.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to shape the future of DEX trading — join the waitlist today.

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October 7, 2023

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