GoodCrypto Integrated WhiteBIT Exchange!

We are incredibly excited to announce the integration of the largest European crypto-to-fiat exchange, WhiteBIT. All the WhiteBIT go-getters can now streamline their trading process with Good Crypto’s features like advanced Trailing Orders, Take Profit & Stop Loss combos, smart TA signals, and the most sophisticated automated trading strategies not offered on WhiteBIT directly.

What is WhiteBIT Exchange?

WhiteBIT cryptocurrency exchange originated in Ukraine and has a global presence in more than 150 countries. It was founded in 2018 and currently serves over three million users globally, providing them with a plethora of features for successful trading, such as a user-friendly UI/UX, 5 types of trading orders, integrated TradingView charts, and others.

WhiteBIT exchange users may diversify their portfolios among hundreds of supported crypto assets, including widely known or promising crypto projects. Notably, one can purchase digital assets in a snap of the fingers with credit or debit cards or swap them in a few clicks.

In addition to regular spot trading, WhiteBIT offers margin trading with up to 20x leverage, providing users with a great multiplier of their profits without putting their hard-earned money at great risk. Moreover, WhiteBIT is one of the few crypto exchanges to offer futures trading, namely perpetual futures contracts.

WhiteBIT provides its users with a high level of security. The exchange has an AAA rating and is ranked one of the top three most secure crypto exchanges by CER.live. WhiteBIT regularly undergoes checks by the leading cybersecurity auditor, Hacken.io.

Furthermore, WhiteBIT provides additional security with an anti-phishing code, ensures platform transparency and security through identity verification and AML checks, stores 96% of funds in cold wallets, and has an insurance fund.

The platform provides a one-of-a-kind passive income feature that enables you to put funds in specific plans and earn a percentage for keeping them for particular periods. Therefore, WhiteBIT community members can earn up to 30% interest.

On top of all the benefits mentioned above, WhiteBIT traders can enjoy trading with reasonable fees and even reduce them by owning WhiteBIT Token (WBT), the native token of the exchange.

Find more relevant info on WhiteBIT’s official social media channels: Twitter, Telegram, Instagram, Facebook.

Nevertheless, the WhiteBIT and GoodCrypto combo can bring you even more benefits!

Expand Your Trading Opportunities by Trading on the WhiteBIT via GoodCrypto!

Take your trading on WhiteBIT to the next level with the most sophisticated features of GoodCrypto!

  • Enhance your trading with the best automated trading strategies: from Infinity Trailing and DCA to Grid bot
  • Use Trailing Stop orders to enter and exit positions at better prices
  • Attach Stop Loss and Take Profit combos to any order you send
  • Use conditional orders that do not freeze your balance until triggered
  • Stay up to date with intelligent and auto alerts that will notify you of market movements, new exchange listings, or customize notifications for when assets hit specific prices
  • Receive Smart TA Signals to go in and out of trade with lower risks
  • Trade with various other features that will assist you in making your trading process easier and more efficient.

GoodCrypto also provides plenty of trading visualization capabilities, such as the ability to view the live movement of your Trailing Stop orders as they follow the market price, follow live Smart TA signals, and the best part – trade with the best trading bot strategies that can significantly improve your trading performance by taking advantage of every trading opportunity 24/7 without the constant need to monitor the market:

  • Infinity Trailing automates the entry and exit of positions by juggling Trailing Stop orders. When the initial order fills, the algorithm will send the opposite order of the same size. Then, all you need to do is choose your preferred Trailing Distance depending on observed volatility, and the algorithm will take care of the rest.
  • Grid bot allows you to place and maintain an automated grid of Buy and Sell orders of the same size. When a Buy order fills, the Grid bot places a Sell order on the grid level above. If a Sell Orderfilles, the Grid bot sets a Buy Order one grid level below. There are three Grid bot modes in GoodCrypto: Neutral, Long, and Short for ranging, bullish, and bearish markets, respectively.
  • DCA bot is a dollar-cost averaging algorithm that automatically averages your position’s entry price up or down by placing extra buy or sell orders and constantly modifying your Take Profit if the market moves against you. It is a user-friendly trading algorithm that can be used to increase the value of your portfolio in both up and down markets.

So what are you waiting for?

Configure your WhiteBIT API key, add it to GoodCrypto, and enjoy seamless trading on the best crypto exchange through the cutting-edge trading platform right away!

Get the App. Get Started

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March 3, 2023

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