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GoodCrypto Partnered with Resonance: Get Lifelong Discounts on Resonance & GoodCrypto Subscriptions!

GoodCrypto’s team is tirelessly working to provide our users with the best trading experience. We are continuously expanding our app features and forging partnerships with the leading players in the crypto industry. We take great pleasure in pampering our users with perks, offering them even more profitable opportunities for seamless trading.

As the saying goes, knowledge is power, so we have partnered with Resonance, a prominent crypto analytical platform. Resonance offers a comprehensive set of tools and educational resources designed for crypto traders and investors, enabling them to make informed trading decisions and enhance their trading strategies.

What is Resonance?

Resonance is game-changing analytical web platform renowned for its advanced set of tools designed specifically for volume analysis, gathering the needs of retail day traders, mid-term traders, and portfolio investors.

This platform offers an array of features to empower traders, including automated volume search, automated search for limit orders, aggregation of trades across all currencies, a free cluster chart, unique crypto indexes similar to S&P500, and ten advanced search engines.

Resonance created its own University and opened free access to 37 interactive lessons on trading and financial market analytics to help students to learn how to find liquidity and assess risks and objective demand for an asset. Practical assignments based on real market examples help traders to create or update their trading strategies.

Exclusive Offer for GoodCrypto Users

All GoodCrypto users have a chance to level up their trading strategy and explore the most efficient crypto analytics with Resonance!

To celebrate our partnership, Resonance provides a lifelong 10% discount on all subscriptions for GoodCrypto users with the promo code: GOODCRYPTO.

How to claim the discount?

  1. Register on Resonance using the GoodCrypto referral link.
  2. Go to Plans and choose any subscription.
  3. Enter promo code GOODCRYPTO to get your 10% discount.
  4. Boost your deposit with the finest analytical tools available on the platform!

Don’t miss out – seize this opportunity now! Register to get access to revolutionary analytics!

​However, there are other advantages Resonance and GoodCrypto partnership can bring you.

Exclusive Offer for Resonance Community

All Resonance clients have a chance to get an exclusive discount of 30% off GoodCrypto annual PRO subscription for signing up through the web app.

How to claim the discount?

  1. Go to the GoodCrypto web app.
  2. Subscribe for an annual PRO package using the promo code: RESONANCE30.
  3. Enjoy your trading with the most sophisticated tools and features through the web app, iOS, and Android.

The discount also applies to the Algo 2x add-on if it was added to the subscription during the purchase with the applied promo code.

The clock is ticking, and the offer will expire on December 31, 2023. Don’t miss this fantastic opportunity to access GoodCrypto’s PRO functionality at the best price possible.

! Important notes:

  • The discount is valid for subscriptions made through the web app only.
  • The deal is available for the first 100 users who use the promo code or until December 31, 2023.
  • The offer applies only to new GoodCrypto users.
  • The discount will be lost if you subscribe, then cancel the subscription, and subsequently subscribe again. Do not cancel your subscription as you will lose the discount.

Ready yet? Enhance your trading experience with GoodCrypto PRO trading tools and features at full blast:

  • Enjoy seamless automated trading with Grid, DCA, or Infinity Trailing Bots. Crypto bots will use every opportunity to make a profit, executing trades day and night and eliminating emotions and human errors. Take advantage of any market situation with algo trading.
  • Attach advanced order types like Trailing Stop, Take Profit and Stop Loss combos to make the most of every trade. And with the cherry on top – no balance lock until the order is triggered!
  • Explore a wide array of 45 technical indicators, charting tools, and TA instruments for precise technical analysis.
  • Stay up-to-date with the latest developments in the crypto market with smart crypto alerts. Whether it’s Bitcoin price alerts or new exchange listings, GoodCrypto keeps you in the loop.
  • Discover Crypto Technical Analysis Signals based on 15 Moving Averages and 10 Oscillators. Trigger any order or trading bot with a webhook to turn any market movements into profit!

Dive into the exciting world of crypto trading with GoodCrypto!

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August 8, 2023

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