GoodCrypto Partners With BitMart: Users Now Enjoy Pro Trading Tools and Rebates on Fees!

GoodCrypto is proud to announce that we have integrated our services with one of the leading Crypto and NFT exchanges, BitMart.

The move will allow our users to take part in an amazing suite of offers immediately!

What is the BitMart exchange?

BitMart is considered of the most trusted cryptocurrency trading platforms featuring a variety of options including Staking, Savings and a variety of VIP loyalty programs.

BitMart also allows users to purchase crypto utilizing Visa or MasterCard.

BitMart also offers users a sign-up bonus where you can gain up to $3,000 when you sign up with our referral link, as well as weekly giveaways!


But the party does not end there!

FEES Rebates for GoodCrypto Users on BitMart:

All users registered with GoodCrypto’s link can enjoy the BitMart API VIP3 fee rate + Extra 30% Discount on trading fees rate!

VIP3 fee rate: Maker:-0.001%/Taker:0.06%
Special Offer for GC users: Maker -0.001%/ Taker: 0.04%

You can learn more about BitMart’s fee discounts here.

How to claim the reward?

  1. Sign up to BitMart using the GoodCrypto affiliate link;
    (or just enter GOODCRYPTO at signup.)
  2. Configure the BitMart API key, and add it to GoodCrypto;

​​Enjoy your trading with GoodCrypto PRO trading tools and features at full blast:

  • A wide range of Trailing Stop Orders to eliminate all trading risks and increase your profits. Try it now!
  • Stop Loss & Take Profit combos can be attached at once, to any order you send, with no balance freeze to increase your target risk/reward ratio. Timeout Stop Loss trigger will allow you to avoid a premature exit from a position on short-term price spikes. Try it now!
  • Smart TA signals will help you to enter and exit a trade with less risks. Try it now!

Automate your trading on BitMart with integrated bots:

  • Infinity Trailing Bot executes Trailing Stop Orders automatically, assisting you in a trending market or market rallies. When the first order fills, the algorithm will send an opposite one of the same size. Just set the Trailing Distance, and the algorithm will run for you. Try it now!
  • Grid Bot is the best automated trading strategy for the range in the market. The Bot places a grid of Buy and Sell limit orders for the chosen pair, allowing you to make market entries and exits within the specified range, increasing your chance of making a profit and boosting your trading volume. Try it now!

So, what are you waiting for? Just follow these simple steps and make your trades successful and low-stressed with the GoodCrypto app!

This offer is for a limited time, so sign up before October 5th to take part in these great deals!

Follow us on Twitter or Telegram as well as BitMart on Twitter to not miss a thing!

Get the App. Get Started.

Keep your portfolio in your pocket. Trade at any time, from anywhere, on any exchange and get the latest market insight & custom notifications


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August 5, 2022

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