GoodCrypto Partners With Mandala Exchange: FREE Trading With PRO Features and MDX Token Rewards!

It’s not a secret that we at Good Crypto strive to provide our users with the best trading opportunities and experience to make your trading as beneficial as possible. That’s why we are constantly forcing our product modifications while looking for new fundamental partnerships and integrations. Today, we’re glad to announce our partnership with one of the most user-oriented crypto trading platforms – Mandala Exchange. This collaboration brings a wide range of benefits and rewards to each GoodCrypto user.

Let’s find out what exactly this partnership brings to you – our family! So read on to see which one suits you better.

What is Mandala exchange?

Mandala represents itself as the world’s largest global spot exchange. Launched in December 2020, it became the first privately owned and operated Binance Cloud exchange, sharing order books, liquidity, security, pairs, and other features with Binance, while providing traders with a multitude of additional benefits. Moreover, Mandala Exchange has its own native utility ERC-20 token, $MDX, that was launched in order to provide users with specialized trading capabilities, referral rewards, and trading rebates.

Here are the key benefits of trading on Mandala:

  • The exchange supports trading for over 1100 trading pairs;
  • No KYC is required for less than 2 BTC withdrawals per day;
  • Mandala provides users with the lowest spot trading fees in the industry at 0.065%;
  • Mandala provides the deepest liquidity pool in the world by sharing Binance’s liquidity;
  • It is protected by Binance’s cutting edge security and SAFU insurance program making Mandala one of the most trusted and secure exchanges on the market today;
  • Free transfers between all Binance product wallets and Mandala Exchange wallets
  • Mandala has also implemented a revenue share lottery system for all of its active users!

Good Crypto x Mandala Special Offer To Your Attention:


1. Mandala SignUp Race: $7,500 Reward Pool!

Before we go any further, let’s take a look at some Mandala exchange token $MDX utility and key features first:

  • $MDX’s main utility is built to help High Frequency Traders (HFT) save money while trading on Mandala Exchange. $MDX utility has a built-in locking feature to easily ascertain your trading fee discount. It’s simple; the more $MDX you accumulate and lock, the lower your trading fees are! (remember this point, we will come back to it later);
  • Users will be required to hodl various tiers of $MDX depending on the prize package at the time of such promo, to be eligible for trading competitions, giveaways, or different promotions. Tiered token hodlers will be allowed entry at the sole discretion of Mandala Exchange.

As you can see, the token is definitely worthwhile, and we know you are itching to have it in your trading portfolio. What if we say that you can get it for FREE?

We are happy to announce that 750 Good Crypto users can partake in a 250K MDX ($7500) airdrop race:

  1. The first 50 traders to sign up will receive 1000 MDX ($30);
  2. The next 200 traders to sign up will receive 500 MDX ($15);
  3. The next 500 traders to sign up will receive 200 MDX ($6);

How to claim the reward?

  1. Signup to Mandala using the GoodCrypto affiliate link;
  2. Configure the Mandala API key, and add it to GoodCrypto;
  3. Perform at least one trade on Mandala Exchange via Good Crypto;
  4. Fill in the form if you’re done with the top points;

Hurry up and be one of the first 750 signups to Mandala and don’t forget to tell your friends to install Good Crypto and claim the reward as well!

2. Active Trader Discount!

Returning to the point about HFT: if you’re a high volume trader that trades or just uses GoodCrypto Infinity Algos or Grid Bot, but still not trading on Mandala Exchange, you are quite literally losing $$ trade by trade. That is the bitter truth, but easily fixed; just add the Mandala API key to Good Crypto.

Due to the GoodCrypto and Mandala collaboration, the most active traders will receive commission discounts:

  1. TOP 10 Good Crypto Traders by volume will receive the highest tier rebate:
  • 35% Trading Fee Rebate (this equates to trading fees of 0.065% (Lowest on GoodCrypto);
  • Rebated back to user at EOM in USDT;
  • Equivalent to locking 300K MDX, which is equivalent to $9,000.
  • Qualification: Trade a minimum of $10 million in monthly volume

! We strongly recommend bringing your attention to our Grid Bot, which will help your trading volume to grow up and give you better chances to get the reward.

     2. An additional 200 of GoodCrypto’s signups are eligible for another high trading tier rebate:

  • 25% Trading Fee Rebate (this equates to trading fees of 0.075%);
  • Rebated back to user at EOM in USDT;
  • Equivalent to locking 120K MDX, which is equivalent to $3600.
  • Qualification: Trade a minimum of $1 million in monthly volume

     3. All Good Crypto traders are eligible for 10% Rebate:

  • Receive 10% back in trading fees for the next 90 days;
  • 5% trading fees will be rebated in the tokens traded by the user indefinitely;
  • The other 5% will be rebated back in USDT monthly during the 90-day promotional period*;
  • To Qualify: Signup on Mandala using the GoodCrypto affiliate link & Trade on Mandala via Good Crypto

How to claim the reward?

  1. Signup to Mandala using the GoodCrypto affiliate link;
  2. Configure the Mandala API key, and add it to GoodCrypto;
  3. Trade on Mandala with GoodCrypto advanced trading tools.

*Fees rebate promo period starts May 1st! Create an account and connect API keys to waste no time 🙂

! After the 90-day promotional period you may buy and lock $MDX tokens to continue receiving these rebates!

3. 3 months of FREE GoodCrypto PRO trading tools!

As if these advantages weren’t enough, GoodCrypto prepared a special offer for its users! You have a chance to trade with GoodCrypto’s PRO features on Mandala crypto exchange for FREE:

  • A wide range of advanced Trailing Stop orders will help Mandala users to enter and exit positions at better prices exactly when the price trend reverses. Follow the link to try it now!
  • Attach Stop Loss and Take Profit orders, with no balance freeze to match your target Risk/Reward Ratio and profit goals. With Trailing Take Profit tilt that Risk/Reward Ratio even more in your favor! Moreover, you may use Stop Loss Timeout, to avoid the Stop Loss order being triggered during abrupt short-term market dumps/pumps. Follow the link to try it now!

Automate your trading on Mandala with Good Crypto bots:

  • Infinity Algo bot helps you to trade with Trailing Stop orders automatically. When the first order is filled, the algorithm will send an opposite one with the same size. All you have to do is set your preferred Trailing Distance based on observed volatility, and the algorithm will handle the rest. Follow the link to try it now!
  • Grid Algo allows you to place and maintain an automated grid of Buy and Sell orders of the same size. Once a Buy order gets filled – a Sell order is placed on the grid level above. If a Sell Order executes – a Buy order or placed one grid level below. Grid Bot helps to maximize your profit and boost your trading volume. Follow the link to try it now!

How to claim the reward?

  1. Signup to Mandala using the GoodCrypto affiliate link;
  2. Configure the Mandala API key, and add it to GoodCrypto;
  3. Enjoy your trading 🙂

When you are all set, start enjoying your 3 months of trading with the extremely low commissions, great UX/UI, and advanced trading features at zero cost to you – link!

So what are you waiting for?: Start trading on Mandala Exchange using Good Crypto today, and see what sets Mandala apart from other spot exchanges!

But how to always be in the thick of events?

Just follow us on Twitter or Telegram, as well as Mandala Exchange on Discord, Twitter, or Telegram to not miss a thing!

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April 22, 2022

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