Join the KuCoin API Trading Carnival with GoodCrypto!

We are thrilled to announce the launch of the biggest API Trading Event of the year by KuCoin exchange and invite all the GoodCrypto users to participate!

Trade on KuCoin via API from May 5 to May 25, 2023, and seize the opportunity to win from a deluxe prize pool of 2 BTC + 500,000 USDT, in addition to other incredible rewards.

What is the KuCoin exchange?

KuCoin is one of the leading and most trusted cryptocurrency exchanges among regular traders. It offers a range of additional beneficial activities beyond trading, including Launchpad, Staking, Savings, and extensive loyalty programs. With lightning-fast operations involving Bitcoin, Ethereum, and over 700 cryptocurrencies, KuCoin serves customers in 200+ countries.

As a token of appreciation and in response to feedback from API users, KuCoin is hosting a thrilling event with a 100% Win Bonus. Let’s delve into the details!

Competition Rules

  • Event period: 16:00 5 May 2023 (UTC) – 16:00 25 May 2023 (UTC)
  • Event 1: For every $3,000 of the volume you trade you get a ticket to the lucky draw with prizes ranging from ‘try again’ to 1BTC! The draw can be entered up to 20 times every 24h! Check the draw out here.
  • Event 2: Top 200 traders by API trading volume will share a 500K USDT prize pool!kucoin_api_trading_contest_prize_pool
  • All volume traded via GoodCrypto on KuCoin and Kucoin Futures during the contest period counts.
  • Trade manually or use Grid, DCA, and Infinity Trailing Algos to ramp up your volume quickly!
  • Register a new KuCoin account with our referral link to get a 30% discount on trading fees for 30 days on top of everything!

Find out more details about the contest here.

How to Participate?

You’ll need a KuCoin account connected to the GoodCrypto trading terminal with an API key to participate in this trading contest.

Any trade on KuCoin made via the GoodCrypto between May 5th and May 25th will automatically be counted towards your competition trading volume.

FREE Trading with GoodCrypto PRO Tools on KuCoin During the API Trading Carnival!

As a cherry on top, all GoodCrypto PRO trading tools are available for FREE on KuCoin and KuCoin Futures during the contest:

  • A wide range of advanced Trailing Stop orders will facilitate KuCoin users to enter and exit positions at better prices exactly when the price trend reverses. Follow the link to try it now!
  • Attach Stop Loss and Take Profit orders with no balance freeze to match your target Risk/Reward Ratio and profit goals. With Trailing Take Profit, tilt that Risk/Reward Ratio even more in your favor! Moreover, you may use Stop Loss Timeout to avoid the Stop Loss order being triggered during abrupt short-term market dumps/pumps. Follow the link to try them now!

Maximize the success of your trades, boost your profits, and increase trading volume quickly with GoodCrypto bots:

  • Grid Algo allows you to place and maintain an automated grid of Buy and Sell orders of the same size. Once a Buy order gets filled – a Sell order is placed on the grid level above. If a Sell Order executes – a Buy order or placed one grid level below. Grid Bot helps to maximize your profit and boost your trading volume. Follow the link to try it now!
  • DCA Algo is the coolest bot to use in the trending market to multiply your profit in various trading circumstances by making stepwise averaging your position’s cost, giving the best mean price.
    DCA could be launched in Manual mode, which allows you to configure all the details of your future trade. Or you can choose a TA Signal (Auto) mode, where the bot will open trades relying on 25 technical analysis indicators. Try to launch your first DCA!
  • Infinity Algo bot helps you to trade with Trailing Stop orders automatically. When the first order is filled, the algorithm will send an opposite one with the same size. All you have to do is set your preferred Trailing Distance based on observed volatility, and the algorithm will handle the rest. Follow the link to try it now!

So, there is no time to wait!

Dive into profitable trading on KuCoin exchange via the GoodCrypto app, and win your share of this phenomenal prize pool! Join now!

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May 9, 2023

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