OKX & GoodCrypto Trading Contest

GoodCrypto is excited to announce a new trading contest with our partners at OKX. Trade big to win $25,000.

The challenge is simple

Register for the contest and then trade big on OKX using any of the wide variety of trading tools on the GoodCrypto platform – from advanced order types and TP+SL combos to fully-automated trading strategies. – and you’re automatically eligible to win part of the $25K USDT prize pool* we’re dishing out. The higher your trading volume, the higher the potential rewards.🔥

  • Trade Spot or Futures products. All trading pairs are eligible.
  • Registration period: 1st May – 10th June
  • Competition period: 10th May – 10th June
  • Winners announced: 15th June

How to register

To participate in the trading challenge you will need an OKX account connected to GoodCrypto trading terminal with an API key.
So depending on your current situation, open accounts with either or both platforms and connect them using the links below to get started:

❗️Deploy your trading strategies or send manual orders from within Good Crypto to OKX using the pre-configured integration. All trading volume will be recorded automatically. No further action is necessary.

FREE trading with GoodCrypto PRO tools on OKX

All trading tools that are normally a part of GoodCrypto PRO subscription will be available for FREE when trading on OKX during the competition period:

  • A wide range of advanced Trailing Stop orders will help you enter and exit positions at better prices exactly when the price trend reverses.
  • Attach Stop Loss and Take Profit orders with no balance freeze to match your target Risk/Reward Ratio and profit goals. With Trailing Take Profit tilt that Risk/Reward Ratio even more in your favor! Moreover, you may use Stop Loss Timeout, to avoid the Stop Loss order being triggered during abrupt short-term market dumps/pumps.

Automate your trading on OKX and boost your trading volume with Good Crypto bots:

  • Infinity Algo bot helps you to trade with Trailing Stop orders automatically. When the first order is filled, the algorithm will send an opposite one with the same size. All you have to do is set your preferred Trailing Distance based on observed volatility, and the algorithm will handle the rest.
  • Grid Algo allows you to place and maintain an automated grid of Buy and Sell orders of the same size. Once a Buy order gets filled – a Sell order is placed on the grid level above. If a Sell Order executes – a Buy order or placed one grid level below. Grid Bot helps to maximize your profit and boost your trading volume.

Extra bonus from GoodCrypto

The winner of the trading competition will receive Lifetime access to GoodCrypto PRO Subscription and the next 9 top traders will receive Annual GoodCrypto Pro subscriptions.

*Dynamic reward pool

The contest uses a dynamic reward pool system so the higher the trading volume, the higher the reward pool. The size of the prize pool and distribution of rewards are shown here:


Updates on Total Prize Pool Size will be posted on GoodCrypto Twitter account

Extra Activity: Complete Social Tasks to Win 500 USDT!

Starting from 1st of May, users who will be completing the tasks outlined here will have a chance to win the BONUS USDT rewards. On 15th of June, we will randomly choose 10 winners to share 500 USDT equally. Each user will receive 50 USDT. Don’t miss a chance!

Terms & Conditions

  1. Competition participants must trade OKX spot or derivatives markets via Good Crypto integration between – 10th May – 10th June
  2. All pairs are eligible for trading
  3. Trading volume only qualifies if you trade via the GoodCrypto application.
  4. The contest uses a dynamic reward pool system. The larger the trading volumes, the larger the prize pool.
  5. OKX reserves the right of final interpretation on the tournament (This includes whether to issue rewards and how to do so)
  6. Bounty hunting is prohibited. In case we identify the participant as a professional bounty hunter, the system will disqualify their participation
  • One device number can only be corresponded to one trading account;
  • One IP can only be corresponded to one trading account;
  • Participants must complete KYC2 verification

In case we identify the participant as a professional bounty hunter, the system will disqualify their participation.


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May 3, 2022

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