Unity adds crypto platforms to asset store for decentralized gaming development

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Quick weekly news

Jack Dorsey’s Bluesky enters private beta testing with iOS app launch

Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey is progressing with Bluesky, a decentralized alternative to Twitter, as the mobile application enters private beta testing. According to a report by TechCrunch, the Bluesky iOS app debuted on Feb. 17, amassing about 2,000 installs as of Feb. 28.

The app is not yet available for Android testers on Google Play. Bluesky’s app store preview shows that it looks much like Twitter, with the interface having a lot of Twitter-like features. For example, theapp allows users to create a post of up to 265 characters. Instead of Twitter’s “What’s happening?” Bluesky asks, “What’s up?” Bluesky users can share, mute, and block accounts, while more advanced tools, like lists, are not yet available.

Meanwhile, Twitter users experienced issues with the platform, with thousands of issue reports from users from 9 am UTC. The Following and For You feeds were not displaying any tweets or content. The company has not yet issued any updates on the cause of the outage, but various reports indicate that users in different parts of the world experienced issues.

Launched by Coinbase, the grassroots effort will support crypto policies in the US

Coinbase has launched a grassroots political campaign named #Crypto435 to promote pro-crypto policies. The campaign intends to grow the crypto advocacy community and share tools and resources so crypto users can make their voices heard in all 435 congressional districts. In addition, Coinbase will provide people who sign up with information about how to contact specific politicians in their local districts, what those politicians’ records on crypto are, tips for making your voices heard in D.C., and more.

According to Coinbase, the crypto community has reached a “pivotal moment” where political action will now be necessary, saying, “The crypto community has reached an important moment. Decisions being made by legislators and regulators in DC and around the country will impact the future of how we can build, buy, sell, and use crypto.”

The announcement received a variety of responses from Twitter users. Some praised Coinbase’s move with comments such as “Crypto is something we can all rally around and support” and “Great job Coinbase. This is very important!” However, some XRP supporters claimed that the announcement was contradictory. They believed that if Coinbase genuinely wanted to challenge authority, it would not have removed XRP from its platform after the Securities and Exchange Commission deemed its security.

Unity adds crypto platforms to asset store for decentralized gaming development

Unity has added crypto platforms to its asset store to help developers interested in Web3 technology to streamline decentralization efforts. Unity released a new “Decentralization” category page in its asset store on Feb. 28, with “vetted” crypto platforms to support developers interested in merging decentralization into their projects.

Among the 13 platforms featured on the store was crypto wallet provider MetaMask, with its software development kit (SDK) added to help developers enable users to connect their MetaMask wallet to “any game developed on Unity.” The integrations will allow developers to modify the “models of ownership” in games and enable players to create, earn or acquire in-game resources, which can be subsequently traded or sold.

OKX seizes Tether from accounts suspected of market manipulation

OKX has seized 2,014,381 Tether from five accounts suspected of participating in “malicious market manipulation” of the Celestial (CELT) token. Following this, the cryptocurrency exchange plans to offer $3 million in restitution for affected users.

OKX announced the seizure on Feb. 28 after Celestial developers announced the creation of a new blockchain game, which reportedly led to a social media campaign promoting the game using OKX’s branding. The CELT token’s value almost doubled in two days due to this campaign before dropping over 50% in the last 24 hours.

While OKX Ventures invested $100,000 in Celestial GameFi project, its investigation found “no evidence” of insider trading involving OKX staff. Despite this, OKX froze 714,381 USDT from five accounts suspected of market manipulation and claimed Celestial would return 1.3 million USDT linked to such activities that have since left the exchange.

OKX plans to allocate 1 million USDT and 2,014,381 USDT obtained through seizure for a combined restitution of 3,014,381 USDT to be airdropped to affected users who purchased CELT tokens between Feb. 25 and Feb. 28 and suffered losses. Due to its complexity, details on the airdrop will be published within the next 48 hours.

The variations among the SMA, WMA, and EMA


When comparing SMA vs. EMA, the EMA is more responsive to recent price changes, while the SMA is slower to react. Similarly, the WMA reacts faster than the SMA, but the EMA is even faster than the WMA since it gives more weight to recent periods. This means that the latest price action is more important, causing it to move more quickly.

A faster Moving Average, such as the WMA or EMA, is advantageous for short-term trading. In contrast, an SMA is smoother and more suitable for long-term trading.

A faster Moving Average, such as the WMA or EMA, may appear insignificant at first glance, but they provide distinct signals on the chart. Understanding the various types of Moving Averages allows us to interpret these signals accurately.

This article will clarify the distinctions between different types of moving averages, including Simple Moving Average (SMA), Exponential Moving Average (EMA), and Weighted Moving Average (WMA).

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March 2, 2023

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