TabTrader’s best alternative

TabTrader’s best alternative

We know that TabTrader is one of your favourite mobile apps that provides Bitcoin and cryptocurrency traders with the possibility to add up to 40 different exchanges, has over 12,000 instruments, a variety of analytical tools and a convenient interface. So far, so good – but let’s see if there have appeared any alternatives to this bijou over the past few years. Here’s what you’ll find in this article. First, we’ll take a look under the hood of the TabTrader app itself and, then, compare it to its competitor, Good Crypto. Please enjoy, because this holy war is on.


TabTrader and the wide array of exchanges the application connects with.

What is TabTrader?

The company has been around for 7 years now and was founded and registered in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Having over one million installs in the app stores, they surely add some value to cryptocurrency and Bitcoin traders with one of their best features,r charts, which have additional indicators available for PRO customers. The app’s UI looks very clean and well made. But sadly enough, the most recent TabTrader reviews have been rather negative, and users are walking away from the service. Many of their integrated exchanges are not providing a lot of liquidity or outdated. Yet, TabTrader has an active customer service, they give feedback to every client review, An assistant in the live chat replies within 15 minutes, to boot.

At this point, TabTrader is only available on mobile devices, but keep in mind that there is no trading or news functionality on Tabtrader iOS version, only alerts, and portfolio tracking. A web version will be launched soon according to their Twitter and will sync with the mobile application.

TabTrader application review


The free version of the application has an immediate good impression because of the UI. Colors are smooth and don’t overwhelm users. News outlets are all separated and organized.


When opening the application, users have a limited number of popular pairs in the watchlist including some from an obscure exchange marked as ‘featured’. The second watchlist is promotional and includes cryptos and CFDs for traditional market instruments like stocks and precious metals. It works fine for users since the basic app functionality is free but sends mixed signals to traders looking for a neutral trading platform. An overview of the crypto market is missing.

Good Crypto, on the other hand, has a list of currencies listed by market cap. When using TabTrader, you have to add every market individually and organize them in several different ways, but adding the whole top 100 would take a significant amount of time. This does not provide a lot of possibilities for traders to discover trending currencies in the market.


Although the chart looks pretty and works well, it leaves a lot of space unused. When placing an order, traders get linked to a separate screen and lose track of their chart, which can be confusing. But in general, charts have a lot of tools attached to them, both amateurs and professionals should enjoy all the indicators available. 19 more advanced indicators are available in the paid version of the app. Also, the order books and trade history are provided each on a separate page.

Compared to its competitor, Good Crypto combines charts, order books, and trade options – all on one page. Traders can place orders while keeping a close eye on the chart, the order books, and track trading history (picture below).



TabTrader connects to users’ exchange accounts via API keys. The process is not very smooth, since TabTrader only supports QR codes manually created on their website and copy/paste of the 40-digit API keys on mobile is a pain in the neck. The BitMEX API key didn’t seem to work at all while testing the application. However, you can manage your balances and trade immediately in the app once you are connected. Users have access to each of their exchange account’s information separately. TabTrader also shows markets individually.

Having that in mind, the Good Crypto team has placed an overview of their assets and balances on one page.

TabTrader Review_en_9

Good Crypto provides an overview of all the accounts and wallets connected. In-depth trading history and transactions are also provided together with a full overview.

Good Crypto provides an organized overview of the pairs showing prices of, for example, BTC/USD over the whole crypto landscape. Traders can choose the exchange with the most optimal price for the trade they want to make.

Trading Functionality

Although many 3rd party platforms enhance trading possibilities, TabTrader only provides the order types which are native to an exchange. Good Crypto goes beyond, and offers trailing stop orders, stop loss and take profit orders, and provides alerts when these are executed. Even more significant is the fact that TabTrader freezes the balance of your portfolio when placing an order. This does not happen in Good Crypto’s application, which creates a system of flexibility when trading. Risk management is in place with this approach, and profits will more likely be made. Traders can program or connect orders. For example, a buy order is executed, and in turn, a take profit and stop-loss order are placed, but not before the initial buy order has been executed.

Both TabTrader and Good Crypto do not ask for any commission or extra fee when executing an order. The fees you pay are the fees the exchange charges. Both applications support derivatives and margin trading.

TabTrader became popular several years ago because it was one of the earliest applications to import and show executed exchange orders on charts. This feature comes in handy if you are running a bot on an exchange or some other kind of automated trading algorithm or make a lot of manual trades.

Good Crypto also promises to have this feature added in the near future.


TabTrader has a limited alerting functionality: it gives you an alert when reaching your selected price, but doesn’t send a signal if your order has been filled.

Good Crypto will notify you when orders are filled successfully, providing traders with the real information they need. Soon, Good Crypto is also releasing an update with notifications based on indicators (along with renewed charts). This is a game-changer since there are hardly any applications on the market which provide this feature.

Good Crypto gives traders an incredible advantage by providing notifications when exchanges open a new market. In most cases, the notification comes before an official announcement. They can do this by parsing exchange domains. Finding currencies with a lot of hype and riding the profitable train will become very easy.

Paid version

The free version of TabTrader includes advertisements. The CEO admitted that this is the main source of income for the company. However, many users are bothered by these advertisements and stopped using the app for this very reason. The paid version removes advertisements, provides 19 more indicators, longer watchlists and unlimited alerts.
TabTrader’s PRO version is priced at €11.99/month or €119.99/year. Good Crypto is available for €9.99/month or €59.99/year while providing more features.

Markets and Trading

Good Crypto gives users the option to choose between a light or dark interface. Users immediately land in the Good Crypto app by seeing an overview of every currency in the crypto-universe. Finding the most winning or most losing currencies is easily done, and performances can be organized per day, week, month, or year. A separate and selection-based watchlist will filter out all the noise.


Trading with Good Crypto is convenient since you can create your orders while tracking the live chart simultaneously. Exploring a market like USD/BTC, users get to see every exchange that offers the pair you are trading. On the screenshot, you can see that Binance has a higher price, which makes it more ideal for selling but not for buying Bitcoin, for example.

On top of that, every pair or coin that exists with, for example, Bitcoin, is listed in tabs, when tapped there’s a list of exchanges that offers this pair. EUR, WETH, GBP, TRX,… every pair that has a market is shown. Finding markets is very convenient this way, definitely an insight that can create trading opportunities.

Good Crypto offers 30 exchanges to connect with, and instant trading is possible in the same interface. Performance is aggregated and collected in the portfolio and wallet section.

Compared to TabTrader, Good Crypto has a fully functional iOS application and a web version, which is an incredible advantage. The free version of the application has everything you need to get started: professional trading tools with basic orders, an advanced overview of the market and all the available pairs, the possibility to find trending currencies, API connections to all the exchanges provided, an-in depth portfolio overview and even the possibility to connect your private wallets. The developers at Good Crypto seem to never sleep. The team keeps adding top exchanges to their list and will soon provide a whole new charting experience with more indicators and customizations. Good Crypto can be found on Telegram, you can talk to the team directly, and will listen to any feedback or opinions you have to share!

Good Crypto users can both trade and track performance at the following exchanges: Binance, BinanceUS, Bitfinex, Bitflyer, Bithumb, Bitmex, Bitstamp, Bittrex, Blockchain.com, Bybit, Cex.io, Coinbase Pro, Crypto.com, Exmo, FTX, GateIO, Gemini, HitBTC, Huobi Global, Indodax, Kraken, KuCoin, Kuna, Liquid, OKEx, Poloniex, and Yobit.

Tab Trader vs Good Crypto Side-by-side Comparison

Feature  tabtrader-logo goodcrypto
Cross-platform availability iOS (no trading), Android,
Web (beta only, no trading)
IOS, Android, Web version
Market Data 35 exchanges (only 26
quality exchanges)
30 exchanges (including
Portfolio Tracking No wallets Wallets & Exchanges

Trading Functionality

  • Android only
  • Spot & derivatives
  • Only the exchange native
  • No order execution alerts
  • Showing open and executed
    orders on the chart
  • No on-chart price dragging
  • Across 3 platforms
  • Spot & derivatives
  • Normalized (work across all
    exchanges in the same
    way)advanced order types:
    Stop-Market, Stop-Limit,
    Trailing Stop, Trailing Stop
    Limit, auto Take Profit, auto
    Stop Loss, Trailing Take
    Profit, concurrent take profit
    and stop loss
  • All conditional orders do not
    lock your balance until
    triggered, allowing multiple
    orders, grid trading, etc.
  • Order execution and status
    change alerts
  • Does not show open and
    execute orders on the chart
    (in progress)
  • Can drag price lines on the
    chart to set order price or
    alert level
Alerts & Notifications
  • Price level alerts only
  • No alerts for filling orders
  • No alerts based on
  • Smart/auto alerts: sudden price changes, top 25 coinsvs BTC price changes, topDeFi coins price changes,market and Portfoliosummary 1-24 times per day
  • Transactions & exchange deposits
  • Order executions
  • Custom alerts: price levelreach, price change withcustom % and period, price channel enter/exit
  • No technical indicators alerts (yet)
  • Exchange listings alerts
  • Not intuitive, sometimesoverly complicated
  • Screen space not used optimally
  • A different screen for each function
  • Simple and intuitive
  • Both light and dark
  • Screen space used optimally by placing the trading terminal below the charts
Charting and Technical
Solid and smooth charting
with 10 free indicators and
19 advanced ones in the
PRO version
No charting tools and no
technical indicators (in
Working speed Good Good
Ads Many and annoying No ads
Pro Plan No ads, more technical
indicators, unlimited orders,
and unique alerts based on
(no new features for a long
Unlimited wallets and
exchange accounts,
Advanced orders, exchange
listing alerts, and a lot more
to come


TabTrader seems to lack the ability for an in-depth market overview and Good Crypto is extremely good in providing exactly this. The advantage for both amateur and advanced traders is significant, since finding markets in Good Crypto is very easy.

Good Crypto has been very active and developments are happening at a fast pace. They could include news into their application, and expand on alerts. However, that would be the only remarkable difference to be found between both applications. The ability to trade instantly, with a chart on the very same page, is a big advantage that Good Crypto users will have for short term trading. Even more important is that funds are not frozen and orders can be placed infinitely. When it comes to long-term holdings, investors can finally have an overview of funds stored in their private blockchain wallets. 

Good Crypto is available for both Android and iOS, and unlike TabTrader it can also be accessed on the web. The advanced, paid version is available for only €9.99/month or €59.99/year. Lifetime access is offered for €199.00.

Get the App. Get Started.

Keep your portfolio in your pocket. Trade at any time, from anywhere, on any exchange and get the latest market insight & custom notifications


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February 2, 2021

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