To strengthen the security of Oracle services, Chainlink provides staking

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The crypto geeks make trading bots, blogs, and even songs using a new AI chatbot

The bot is a language interface tool that, according to OpenAI, can engage “in a conversational way” and be used to provide answers to queries or, with certain restrictions, help construct nearly anything requested.

Using Pine Script, a programming language used for the financial software TradingView, a user of ChatGPT broadcasts their interaction with the tool on Twitter, demonstrating how the technology generated a rudimentary trading bot from a straightforward prompt.

Another user provided ChatGPT instructions to build a trading terminal, and it used the API of the cryptocurrency exchange Binance to write code that could show the current orders for the Bitcoin BTC trading pair (API).

During a previous test, Cointelegraph discovered that ChatGPT could produce a prototype smart contract. However, other users noticed that AI might find weaknesses in smart contracts, and either help repair them or take advantage of them. As a result, the bot’s created code wasn’t always accurate.

Crypto Twitter has used AI technology for both technical and more imaginative and commercial goals.

To strengthen the security of Oracle services, Chainlink provides staking

Chainlink, a blockchain oracle network, has introduced its staking function to improve the financial stability of the platform’s oracle services.

Chainlink stated in a press release issued to Cointelegraph that the new staking function is a crucial component of its “Chainlink Economics 2.0” initiatives, which concentrate on security and sustainable growth. 

Before, users of Chainlink had to create their own nodes to earn Chainlink token payouts. However, holders of Chainlink tokens now have an extra method to profit while assisting in boosting the security of the Oracle platform, thanks to the recently introduced staking mechanism.

The ETH/USD data stream within the Ethereum mainnet is to be secured by a staking pool, which is part of Chainlink Staking’s initial introduction as a v0.1 beta. By taking part in a decentralized alerting system, stakers can profit from supporting the performance of the stream. The system alerts the network when the data stream is not reaching performance standards.

‘Father of the iPod’ aids Ledger in developing a new cold cryptocurrency wallet

Tony Fadell, the creator of the famous iPod Classic model, has teamed up with Ledger to assist in developing Ledger Stax, the company’s newest wallet product. At Ledger Op3n, a bi-annual The business announced the development at Ledger Op3n, a bi-annual Web3 developer conference held in Paris on December 6.

The impending new hardware wallet from Ledger is the size of a credit card and has a capacitive touch screen, Bluetooth connectivity, wireless charging, and a big E Ink display.

Stax has a curved E Ink display in Ledger’s product range for the first time, where users can show the owner’s name or other wallet information, similar to a book spine. The word “Ledger Stax” comes from the fact that the gadget has magnets that enable users to “stack” and arrange the storage of several such devices.

Novogratz’s Galaxy Digital will purchase GK8 from Celsius in a bankruptcy yard sale

Galaxy will acquire the platform’s almost 40-person staff, including cryptographers and blockchain developers, as part of the purchase, according to a press statement from Galaxy and a blog post from GK8 published on December 2.

Self-custody platform GK8 provides custody, staking, DeFi, NFT support, tokenization, and trading for managing blockchain-based assets.

The platform’s developers assert that it can execute safe blockchain transactions without a network connection, significantly lowering the danger of hacking.

GK8 was purchased by Celsius for $115 million in 2021, while Galaxy has yet to reveal the amount it bid.

One of MACD Cryptocurrency Trading Strategies


Because the MACD in this BTC/USDT scenario is sinking relative to the upward price movement, there is no positive MACD divergence. At first glance, it may seem like Positive Divergence, which is bullish as we have LL-HL for Price and LL-LL for Oscillator, which means BUY. On this graph, though, peaks are stronger than bottoms. As a result, the example has a more bearish slant. In essence, it produced a channel for combining signals.

This article will analyze the MACD, or Moving Average Convergence Divergence. An indicator that can provide you with a great deal of additional knowledge while analyzing price changes. We’ll describe how the indication enables you to choose wisely.

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December 8, 2022

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