WhiteBIT & GoodCrypto Trading Contest

Are you up for the challenge? We are excited to announce the launch of the new Good Crypto trading contest, this time on the WhiteBIT exchange. Trade on WhiteBIT via GoodCrypto to share a $7,000 prize pool!

Bitcoin is coming back to life, the spring is in full swing, and the latest GoodCrypto features release is here! Guess what it means? It’s a perfect time to announce the next outstanding trading contest and take the most of this moment with such staggering expanding trading opportunities!

The rules are simple: the highest trading volume wins! Make your highest-ever trading results with all the most profitable approaches, applying the various GoodCrypto`s algo-bot strategies while trading on WhiteBIT! The TOP-10 traders will share a prize pool of up to $7000, moreover, 10 additional random bonus rewards will be distributed randomly among the active participants!

Competition Rules

  • Competition period: May 10th (12:00 UTC) – May 31st (12:00 UTC)
  • All WhiteBIT Futures & Spot pairs are eligible
  • All orders (manual or automated) executed on WhiteBIT via GoodCrypto app are counted towards Competition Trading Volume
  • A trader with the highest Competition Trading Volume wins
  • All WhiteBIT volume traded using the GoodCrypto app between May 10th – May 31st counts
  • Winners announced: May 31st
  • The contest uses a dynamic reward pool system, so the higher the total competition trading volume is, the higher the reward pool will be.


  • To be eligible for the top-10 rewards, your Competition Trading Volume must be higher than $50.000
  • Your competition trading volume must be higher than $10.000 to qualify for the random prize drawing

Note: The pool size will depend on the total volume of traded funds by all participants of the trading tournament, where the TOP-10 most active traders (according to the rating table) will share rewards from WhiteBIT. Moreover, participants from 6th to 10th place will receive additional prizes in the form of PRO-plan subscriptions from the GoodCrypto team. Each participant will affect the overall result by increasing the total amount of traded funds during the contest period, raising the size of the payouts and random rewards according to the rating table!

Any approach will be recorded automatically, all the ranking statistics can be found on the dashboard. No further action is necessary.

How to Participate?

You’ll need a WhiteBIT account connected to the GoodCrypto trading terminal with an API key to participate in this trading contest.

Any trade on WhiteBIT made via the GoodCrypto terminal between May 10th and May 31st will automatically be counted towards your Competition Trading Volume.

Use the Competition Dashboard to track total trading volume, the size of the prize pool, and your current position in the contest.

Let`s shake things up, share with us this exciting trading event!

FREE Trading With GoodCrypto PRO Tools on WhiteBIT

If that weren’t enough, all advanced GoodCrypto tools that are typically part of the PRO package are available for free on WhiteBit during the competition period!

Trade manually or automatically from a single interface, seamlessly optimizing your trading experience for maximum profit with the least time and effort. Make your PnL results soar faster than ever using advanced PRO tools for FREE:

  1. Using a wide range of WhiteBIT Trailing Stop orders will be a drastically new way to Buy or Sell any asset you want at the moment at the best prices in the market or to fix the profit at the minimum/maximum rates. Implementing Trailing Take Profit into the pool of your regular strategies will undoubtedly amaze you with the remarkable growth of the Risk / Reward Ratio!
  2. Seamlessly attach the Stop Loss or a Take Profit to any trade, or set Limit orders through the friendly GoodCrypto interface, and forget about the balance freeze!
  3. Use the integrated TA signals module to make the most informed trading decisions. Try the Strong Buy/Strong Sell signals (for the different timeframes) to make the most accurate and profitable trades within the trend.
  4. Automate your trading on WhiteBIT while boosting your trading efficiency exponentially with WhiteBIT trading bot strategies:
  • Grid Algo offers an approach to making many profitable trades in the ranging market. Such an automated grid will execute Buy and Sell orders of equal size within the selected price range. A Sell order will be opened on the grid level above when a Buy order is filled. Conversely, the bot places a Buy order below the following grid level by filling a Sell order.

    For the maximum efficiency and accuracy of the setup, the bot could be launched in several modes: Short Grid Bot (for the declining market, where sell orders will be opened first) or Long Grid Bot (for an uptrend, where buy orders come first). Test the Grid bot!

  • DCA Algo is the coolest bot to use in the trending market to multiply your profit in various trading circumstances by making stepwise averaging your position’s cost, giving the best mean price.

    DCA could be launched in Manual mode, which allows you to configure all the details of your future trade. Or you can choose a TA Signal (Auto) mode, where the bot will open trades relying on 25 technical analysis indicators. Try to launch your first DCA!

  • The Infinity bot works highly efficiently in both trend directions and could be used when you want to grab the maximum profit from the amplitude of the price movement. A preferred Trailing Distance should be set, and then the algorithm will do the rest without your involvement. Run the Infinity bot!

Ready to trade at full blast? Follow the link to join our best spring contest while making your trading easygoing, highly profitable, and secure with the GoodCrypto app!

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May 10, 2023

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