Trading With PRO Tools and Advanced Features for Free!

The GoodCrypto and WhiteBIT collaboration gives you a month of new profitable trading opportunities!

Given the recent integration, we want to delight WhiteBIT users by offering a 30-day free period of the GoodCrypto PRO tools and features when trading on the WhiteBIT exchange. So bring your best performance and take advantage of the promo to reach your goals with special trading conditions!

What is WhiteBIT Exchange?

WhiteBIT is one of the largest European centralized crypto-to-fiat exchanges, founded in 2018 in Ukraine, but since then, it has gained significant popularity in 150 countries. The centralized exchange has over 3.5 million users worldwide and an extensive international presence in the cryptocurrency market. In addition, WhiteBIT has successfully passed HACKEN and Cer.live security audits and has a AAA security rating, which deserves your attention when choosing it as a trading platform for regular trading.

During this promo, you can make the most of your trading process on WhiteBIT, significantly multiplying your trading results by using GoodCrypto PRO features absolutely for free. Increase your RR ratio with the most complete and robust pool of advanced trading tools, and trade on WhiteBIT any crypto at full blast!

Using extended trading tools, it becomes much easier to make progressive results. For example, you can use the whole palette of advanced orders as Take Profit + Stop Loss combos, trailing orders, and any trading bots on WhiteBIT.

Reach new heights in your trading efficiency with the Grid, DCA, and Infinity Algo trading bots, significantly amplifying your portfolio quickly!

Get 1 Month of FREE Trading With GoodCrypto PRO tools on WhiteBIT


To be among the lucky traders, you just have to connect your WhiteBIT account to the GoodCrypto trading platform with API keys.

Depending on the progress in the completion of your accounts, you can use the attached links:

Throughout the promo, you will get access to the full trading functionality of the GoodCrypto platform, totally for FREE:

  • Various order combinations with WhiteBIT Trailing Stops will be a superb option to Buy or Sell an asset at the best possible price or to Take Profit at the minimum/maximum values. The use of Trailing Take Profit will bring significant growth of the Risk/Reward ratio, which will not be long in coming!

  • On the GoodCrypto platform, you can attach Stop Loss or Take Profit orders to any order or set Limit Orders without freezing the trading balance (deposit).

  • Use the technical analysis trading signals presented in the GoodCrypto app to maximize your chances of making a profitable trade in the right direction on different timeframes.

Automate your trading, increasing its efficiency by using algorithmic crypto bots for WhiteBIT:

  • Grid Algo is a proven and reliable way to take profits during a flat market. The grid bot works with the trading range by placing a grid of equal orders and executes them as the price moves through it. For example, when the Buy order is executed, the bot places a Sell order at the level above. When the bot Sells, it immediately sets a Buy order to the lower level. 

    You can run Grid algo in two different mods in GoodCrypto: Short Grid Bot (for the falling market, where the Sell position opens first) and a Long Grid Bot (for the growing market, where the buy trade opens first). Grow your portfolio even in a sideways market with the Algo strategies by GoodCrypto.

  • The Infinity Trailing bot uses trailing orders to follow the price movement until it reverses and gives the best results in a long momentum trend.
    Such a bot quickly enhances the results of your PnL equally in both trends. All you have to do is to specify a preferred Trailing Distance depending on current market movements. Then the Algo will operate without your direct involvement.

Promo will last till 13th April.

So, what’s keeping us from new gains?

All you need is to add your WhiteBIT exchange account to GoodCrypto, with the WhiteBIT API key. And then, the most advanced trading tools are available to you in the palm of your hand.

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March 13, 2023

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