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Run the best TradingView alert bot to trade on TradingView indicators at the lowest price on the market. Use TradingView webhook to trigger any order or bot with TradingView alerts or use built-in signals based on Trading View indicators. GoodCrypto provides users with the best TradingView strategy for every market condition making TradingView bot trading a seamless experience.

How to trade with TradingView bot?

TradingView signals bot allows you to use any TradingView indicator to automatically open or close a position. In GoodCrypto Trading View indicators and custom TradingView strategies can trigger or cancel any trading bot or manual order on any of the 35+ exchanges the app supports. All you need to do is set up a Trading View alert on one of the hundreds of custom or built-in indicators or strategies, and instruct it to send a TradingView webhook. GoodCrypto will handle the rest.

You can use TradingView alerts to start a DCA bot, launch a Grid, send a Trailing Stop with Stop Loss + Take Profit combo attached to it, or activate a Trailing Stop Loss. With GoodCrypto and TradingView your trading strategy is limited only by your imagination.

Want to run a TradingView signals bot without the hassle of paying for the TradingView subscription and setting up alerts and webhooks? GoodCrypto has got you covered! The app provides automatically generated buy and sell signals based on 25 most popular TradingView indicators. Use them for manual trading or launch a TradingView trading bot – you can set it up with just a few clicks.

Trigger any order or bot with TradingView indicators
Use built-in signals or send them from TradingView
The best price on the market

DCA TradingView Bot

DCA TradingView trading bot will enter a position based on a TradingView signal and boost your chances of making a profit by averaging your entry price up or down if the market moves against you. It will also automatically adjust your take profit level to reflect your position's size and average entry price.  DCA Trading View bot can be used in both Long and Short modes to profit from both falling and rising markets. Simply choose TradingView Technical Analysis signal as your entry condition, and the TradingView crypto bot will choose the best time to enter the market and even automatically switch between Long and Short modes as the market regime changes. If you prefer to choose your own condition for the bot to enter the market, simply create a TradingView alert and send the signal to the bot via the TradingView webhook.  

TradingView Trailing Stop Strategy

GoodCrypto’s Trailing Stop orders are the best way to ride trending markets. Use TradingView indicators to catch the start of a trend and activate Trailing Stop order in GoodCrypto to ride it. Connect a Stop Loss and Take profit combo to your TradingView Trailing Stop order and turn it into the best TradingView bot for the bull or bear market. Want the app to do it for you? No problem! Launch our Infinity Trailing algo and choose TradingView Technical Analysis signals as your entry point. Your TradingView crypto trading bot will enter a position with a Trailing Stop, then exit it with another Trailing Stop. Then it will rinse and repeat.

TradingView Grid Bot

The grid bot will act like a TradingView scalping bot capturing frequent price movements by maintaining a grid of Buy and Sell orders. Once a Buy or a Sell order fills, the bot will place an opposite order one grid level above or below. GoodCrypto offers three grid bot TradingView strategies: Neutral, Long, and Short Grid bots for ranging, bullish, and bearish markets. Identify potential Grid range on the TradingView chart, make a drawing and set up a TradingView alert webhook. Use this alert to either place the Grid when the price enters the range or stop it once the price leaves it or the market regime changes.

How to Set Up TradingView Bots in GoodCrypto?

Connect Exchange Account

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Launch TradingView Bot

Simple setting in a few clicks

Enjoy Automated Trading

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The Best TradingView Alternative:
Smart Signals & TradingView Webhook Integration

The GoodCrypto’s Technical Analysis signals are a free alternative to TradingView, developed to help traders find the best market entry and exit points without the need to buy the TradingView subscription. Same as the buy sell indicator TradingView provides, GoodCrypto’s TA summary assigns each trading pair a Buy or Sell technical analysis rating based on 25 most popular TradingView indicators and updates it in real time.
If you want a more granular control over your trading decisions, GoodCrypto’s TradingView webhook bot allows you to trade on any of the 35 spot and futures exchanges in the app based on Trading View indicators and strategies. Once triggered, these alerts send webhooks to GoodCrypto, providing you with the ability to automatically launch or stop TradingView bots or send advanced manual orders.

Manage all exchange account with one application!

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Why Good Crypto?

Advanced Trading Functionality

Trade with advanced order types and automated trading algorithms on 35 exchanges. Use cutting edge technical analysis and charting functionality to take your trading to the next level.

Simple and Intuitive Set Up

Configuring even the most advanced trading tools with Good Crypto is simple and straightforward. All parameters are intuitively explained and every tool includes on-chart visual guides for a seamless set up.

Best Value in the Market

With GoodCrypto you can enjoy the most advanced trading tools at the lowest price on the market. What is more, you can try them for FREE with a 14-day trial, making it a no-brainer

How can we help you?

You can check the current prices here. Moreover, GoodCrypto offers a 14-day trial to try TradingView Bot for free.

Plenty of features are available in GoodCrypto for free. However, some advanced Technical & Analytical tools, and bots are available only in the PRO package. If you want to use the app at full blast, start with a 14-day free trial and give it a try!

GoodCrypto is one of the most secure crypto trading apps on the market.

  • We don’t have access to your funds.
  • We don’t require your wallet’s private keys.
  • The app supports immediate on-device asymmetric encryption of all API keys and user data.
  • All internal connections are encrypted, and backend services are encrypted and firewalled separately.

Please find more details about Good Crypto’s security on our Security page.

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